Tuesday, May 10, 2011

what mothers don't know

Well, of course, Logan didn't know anything going on with Sammi. After all, he was spending all his time with Alex.

And then...his brother showed up with their MOM.

"Shit." Logan barely hid under his breath and closed the door on the two of them (his mom and brother in the hallway). He turned around to see the bed wasn't made. Junk food left overs were everywhere and Alex was just in his boxers and Logan was in his flannel pants.

"Holy fuck'n mother of shit." Logan didn't feel so well. He was definitely going to get it now.

"Hurry up, put a T-shirt on!" Alex yelped as he was climbing into Logan's jeans that were a bit short on him. Logan hurried into some shirt on the floor that was wrong sideout.

"WHAT IS GOING ON!" His brother's words sounded like an alarm of some sort.

Logan cleared his throat and went back to the door.

"Sorry...just..just.." He looked at Alex's hair that was a mess.

"Uh..uh, video games." Alex smiled. Of course, the TV wasn't even on.

"Video games." Logan tried for a quick smile. Still he was reluctant to give his Mom a hug. "Why didn't you tell me your were coming?" It was an awkward moment, but he introduced Alex to her and soon Alex left.

"She wanted to surprise you." Noel gave him a funny look. They both looked at their Mom, who looked amazingly well to have been through a divorce. She was dark haired like they were. Dark eyed, too. He fondly thought of her, coaching them in soccer. She was the type, always ready for a camping trip. Something, their Dad hated. But she felt at home in the outdoors, she had her two guys to take care of her..or so she always said. Seriously, Logan knew it just wasn't camping if his Mom wasn't there.

"Well, you surprised me." Logan still felt on edge. He was looking for any evidence that might send him to rehab, perhaps. Not that there were drugs..just the thought that his Mom would think he was not right in the head if she knew about him and Alex.

"Well, you're looking great, hon." She gave him a false smile and he gave her one back. He didn't believe her for a moment.

"How about we go out for pizza?" Logan quickly said. He wanted them out of his room. They were not suppose to be here. This was his place with Alex. Why did he feel suddenly so ashamed? He didn't want too. But then again, his mother had Noel to be proud of, not him. Even if Noel probably had a different girl each night of the week to have sex with, Logan wanted one person to be devoted to. Deep down, Logan felt he was the better son, but he doubted his mother would ever notice nor even care. She'd always been closer Noel, and he had a feeling he'd never understand it. He didn't even want to, anymore. He wished this was the one time she could have spent all of her time with Noel and not him.


ellie said...

Seriously suspenseful awkward moment.

O V said...

A very close moment for them. I do feel sad for Logan. Hopefully, its not that way with his Mom.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such an awkward moment. :/

Lisa said...

You've been watching pretty little liars? I watched that show and I really like it. I can't wait for season 2!

Lux and Stan said...

Oh..the suspense is kill'n me!

simon and josh said...

This could be a problem....

She is Sara said...

This is strange, He seemed to really love his mother at the start of this entry, then it changed :(

Lisa said...

and it goes by sooo quick. Just as a new season starts, it's already over again.
just like vampire diaries or greys anatomy (finale next week)
it sucks. i wish there never was a break between seasons ;D

♥ have a nice weekend!