Monday, June 27, 2011

as if he didn't know

"Sammi doesn't sound that mad." Alex put a bit more aloe lotion on Logan's face as he sat there on their bed. Logan's face was red, but he promised to put lots of sun screen on tomorrow.

"I guess." Logan's words were slow. For a minute Alex thought maybe Logan might already be asleep. At least his teeth were brushed.

"You think you can last the whole summer?" Alex wasn't so sure, but he knew the first days were the hardest when it came to a job.

"Yeah." He yawned sleepily. "Hey, have you heard from Natalie?"

"Natalie?" Alex drew a blank. Who was he talking about? That girl, Logan used to date, or was it Derrick?

Logan went to get under the covers while Alex put the lotion away. "No, I don't think so. Why?"

"Sammi's really worried about her." Logan yawned once more as he put his hands behind his head. "Weird, huh?"

"Maybe she feels bad about breaking up Nat and Derrick." Alex shrugged, remembering Logan talk about the drama.

"I didn't really know her that well." Logan shrugged.

"Don't you have her number?" Alex thought he saw it before. Wasn't like he was snooping, but on occasion Logan had thought he'd lost his number and Alex had to roam through his contacts to show him he hadn't.

"Do I?" Logan was too tired to know, he reached for his phone on the night stand and handed it to him.

He found her number soon enough. "You should call her." Alex clicked in the call before he realized it. Somebody picked up before he could hand Logan the phone.

"Hey, Nat," Alex wasn't sure what to say. "How's your summer?"

"Who is this?" She asked. "This isn't Logan."

"Oh, sorry, its Alex. I was ..just..playing with his phone and got you." Alex guessed that was the truth. "How you been?"

"OK." Her voice wasn't nearly as cheerful as he remembered.

"Just OK?" He looked at Logan who was falling asleep.

"You know." She sounded kind of sad, but not completely.

"So..where are you? Are you home for the summer?" Alex needed some answers here, but he couldn't bombard her with them.

"No." She told him she was at band camp. "I'm a counselor." She was staying in the dorm this summer. Every two weeks there were new high schoolers for band camp.

"Hey, that's great." Alex was glad she was close by. "Look, we'll all get together, sometime. You, Logan and me." That's when he decided to tell her he'd gotten together with Logan. They talked more about Logan's summer job at the zoo, and his job too. But he didn't mention anything about Sammi.


Holly said...

Yeah, glad they talked.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Talking it out can do wonders for relationships. :)

ellie said...

Good, that he found her.

She is Sara said...

I am glad he found her, I hope he lets Sammi know.

FWB said...

Good to see everyone working too.

Jason Laucht said...


Holly said...

I'm glad He found her.

Josie said...

I'm so thrilled that they talked things out!
xo Josie