Wednesday, June 29, 2011

in case it matters

"All right, I'll be right here, as long as it takes." Smed decided a few days later.

"I already knew that." Megan didn't mean to be snide, but it was going to happen. She knew as soon as he'd made breakfast that morning after the storm, and Paul fell in love with Smed's pancakes. Smed made him smile. It was a little irritating to her, but it was fine. At least someone made Paul normal. It wasn't Megan.

"I don't even know why I do this." She wanted retail therapy. She wasn't cut out for this kind of job. She was a bad nanny. If she could even be called that. Yes, she had her CPR course and taken a few other babysitting type courses. They were all free down at the Student Center.

"I can't give you an answer." Smed told her as he got ready for the matinee that Paul had chosen. CARS 2. He was taking him while Megan roamed the mall for deals. "I know you think you get the wrong end, in anything that comes to you. But maybe you need to stop hating everything."

"I don't hate everything." She was furious now.

"Well, you kind of do." Smed shrugged.  He reached for Paul's sunshades to give him. Smed put on a pair too. They were looking cool. They went to get in the car that Smed was now paying on. He had gotten a deal on an old Honda from someone he worked with. "Are you coming?" Smed nor Paul didn't wait. They had a movie to go too.

Megan looked around wondering what she was missing. She finally texted Caitlin to see if she could meet her at the mall for some shopping. Really, she had to start liking more things, and be happy that Smed was going to be with Paul for awhile.


better days said...

Still wonder if they'll survive the summer.

ellie said...

Lots of kinks they need to work through.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I don't know how long this will last. :/

lily said...

This could be trouble.

Holly said...

I hope they figure this out.

She is Sara said...

I hope she starts easing up, things are looking a little patchy :/

Josie said...

I seriously hope that they can pull this together.
xo Josie