Thursday, June 23, 2011

its a new day

It was steamy already. As in humidity. All Logan had to do was work at the frozen lemonade vender wagon. He didn't sell anything else. Five buck for a container of frozen lemonade. He didn't have to make it or anything. Just make sure the freezer stayed cold with the product.

Of course, before the zoo open, he was already in the head quarters kitchen, prepping for hot dogs and other overcharged treats.

"I remember you." Someone said out of the blue. Logan blushed so. He wasn't sure what to do as the fellow came over to look him over.

"You sounded taller." The over grown nerd informed him. He pushed his black rim glasses closer to his nose as he gazed at Logan.

"Huh." Logan wasn't sure he'd even spoken. Then he remember, this person spoke to Alex on the phone. He was still in shock that he had this job, anyway. Logan stared at the plastic gloves he wore. He suddenly felt sick at his stomach. Logan just knew this manager had figured him out. Logan was sure he'd pass out.

"But, you'll figure it all out, won't you." The tubby manager grinned, giving him a pat on the back. "Now you let Randi here, show you the ropes."

Logan looked around wondering who Randi could be. He was looking for someone tall and who was barking orders right and left like he owned the place. Everytime he heard him, Logan slightly jumped.

"Oh, hey, you're the new guy, aren't you?" Someone, female said from behind him. He turned around and saw a stunning redhead. That couldn't possibly be the real color of her hair. "First thing, we're going to do is take a tour, you know, so you'll know how to get around this place. I know all the secret passages. So come on." She motioned him to follow. "By the way, I'm Randi."

"So, so, uh, do I report to you or something?" Logan didn't get it. Soon enough they were out the door and going the back-way through the aquarium. Logan had no idea where they were going. But he kept hiking up the steps with her, past the polar bears and the Amazon indoor jungle.

"See, where the giraffe's are, over there." She pointed as they got up the hill by the I-Max theater. "That's where people get really thirsty. They'd have to walk or catch a train ..just to get to the dairy barn." She pointed. "They'll need you. Everyone wants something cool to drink, after hiking out to see the elephants."

Logan nodded. He was serious about this job. But he was so far away from the main food area.

"Don't worry." She handed him over the walkie-talkie. "Just call me if you need anything."

Logan gulped at the sturdy mechanism in his hand. He guessed he could work it. She finally showed him where the on and off button was. He hadn't exactly gotten the hang of it yet.

"Don't worry, it'll be OK." She giggled. "I think you'll work out fine here."

"Good, I want to." His eyes were wide open. He just wished Randi didn't have to go.


Florence said...

can't wait to see what happens between logan and randi :D

Thanks for your comment , Haha

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ellie said...

Oh boy..what could this mean.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope things work out. :/

She is Sara said...

Awww! She seems really cool!

Josie said...

New character -- always exciting!
xo Josie