Wednesday, June 1, 2011

not a word heard

"Just what are you talking about?" Noel kept glaring at Logan. He couldn't understand a word coming out of his mouth. "First of all, stop mumbling." He ordered. Noel came here to take Logan to the bus station. Did he forget about that. What kind of nonsense was he talking about? Staying with Alex. "Your not making sense." Noel thought he might be sick. He didn't want to listen to this. Couldn't be. It just wasn't true. No way in hell could it be possible that..that Logan could do this.

"YOU HAVE TO BE WITH MOM!" His voice echoed through the room. There Alex stood staring at him. He towered over the both of them, like a snake moving in for the kill, he thought..suddenly. "You have to, said you would."

"But..but I don't want to go now." Logan told him. "I told you why, weren't you listening." Logan winced.

Noel shook his head. He wasn't going to listen to this shit that his brother, his little brother..was with this dude. bit his bottom lip in his small frown. He shook his head, no. "I don't believe you."

Logan rolled his eyes. "Can you stop being homophobe?" Logan snapped as if Noel was the one being childish here.

He looked at Alex. Then back at Logan. "What are you going to say to mom?" Noel waited. He was starting to tap his foot. They needed to get a move on.

"The truth." Logan's words were so small. Noel couldn't hear him. Or was it ..that he didn't want to. "I'm going to find a job. I want to be with Alex."

"You have to stop shit'n me with this shit of yours. No way, are you going to find a job. You've never had one in your life. You have to go home. You have to see to Mom. Now." Noel's voice was getting louder.

Logan shook his head, no.

Noel swelled a frown. Before he knew it, he'd hit Logan in the eye and just about knocked him out.

"Noel!" Alex pushed him back then. The wall caught Noel. "Get a grip, this is not the end of the world." Noel knew then that Alex could beat him up if chose to, but he didn't. "Now, how's he gonna explain that to your mom, huh?" He had a grip on Noel's shirt. But fear swallowed him now. Finally, Alex let go. Noel walked out wishing he'd never been here, and unsure if he ever wanted to lay eyes on his brother, again.


Josie said...

This must be so hard on all of them.
xo Josie

cady said...

Oh my. The tension here is crazy. I wonder what's going to happen now.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Something big is about to happen it seems. :/

Holly said...

So interesting. Noel's reaction.

ellie said...

What an upset. Wow, Noel is so bad.

better days said...

Oh, I hope Noel feels bad about this soon.

Yasmine said...

Wauw, I really need to know what is going to happen!

Summerlovee said...

Dankjewel voor je reactie! :D Dat gaat wel lukken denk!
Haha ja, dat wordt wat lastiger, zoveel keus enz! Maarja komt ook wel goed :D Haha idd :D

Jullie/jij hebt ook een leuke blog!

griffin said...

Such a shock.