Sunday, June 5, 2011

tell it like it is

"What am I suppose to tell her?" Logan sat there in their new room at Sammi's. He wanted to look at everything Alex had so organized, like shelves and all this drama stuff from plays, that no one wanted anymore. Like a skull head candle on the night stand by the bed.

"You tell your Mom that something came up. A job at the zoo." Alex told him who got out his plastic lunch box emergency kit to tend to the wound. "But first, I gotta fix the eye."

"What job?" Logan's face tense as Alex dabbed his black eye with something. Then some makeup.

"There's this job, its food service. But I job. I think its yours." Alex shrugged.

"How?" Logan wondered.

"I applied for it, for you." He gave him a sly smile.

"You're kidding me?" Logan didn't know how he felt about that.

"All you have to do, is sell frozen lemonade." Alex made it sound so easy. "So you tell her about the job."

Logan nodded. He could do that. But Logan sucked in a breath as if he were going in for deep sea diving as he direct dialed his Mom. He was starting to feel dizzy. He winced hard when she picked up.

"Mom?" Logan hoped Noel hadn't called her. He just didn't know if he could do it, this way. Tell her everything. But he did. Logan started about Alex. And she didn't hang up.

"I'm happy you've found someone." She just said.

"Mom, have you actually been listening to me?" He might have shouted. This was just too easy. "Alex is a guy, you know."

"Alex? I met him, didn't I?" She asked.

"Sort of."

"Well, as long as he's good to you. And..and you feel..all right." She sighed. "Nothing else matters, does it?"

Logan thought he might pass out. How understanding she was. It was amazing. "I think he's a keeper if he's found you a job."

"Thanks Mom." Logan couldn't help but laugh. "Uh, Mom, I..I think Noel's mad at me.

"Why would your brother be mad at you?" She asked.

"I guess, you'll have to call him. And find out." Logan felt silly now, being so worried. He had the best Mom in the world.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Mom's always help to put things into perspective! :)

ellie's desk said...

That's sweet what his mom said.

ellie said...

Wow, about the job at the zoo.

O V said...

Yeah about his MOM.

Josie said...

Moms seriously do know best.
xo Josie

Florence said...

his mom haha

love this post...check out my latest post my dear :) :)

She is Sara said...

Aww! That is awesome that his mom was so supportive!