Thursday, June 9, 2011

tell me something new

Alex looked at Sammi then at Logan. He smiled, but he looked back at Sammi with a serious look.

"You're not planning to cause Logan any problems, are you?" He waited. For a moment he thought she just might stick her tongue out, at him. "You're looking at the new frozen lemonade guy at the zoo." Alex gave Logan a pat on the back, but Logan looked a bit on edge, about the matter.

"What? He found a job?" Sammi winced as if it was not fair.

"Yes, he did." Alex bit a grin as if he didn't want to exactly discuss how he the job. After all, it had been a telephone interview that Alex had posed as Logan. Still, it went OK. And well, he had to be excited for Logan.

She looked as if she was seriously peeved with the both of them now.

"Look, we aren't here to bother you." Alex told her, "But we could  hang out with you and that boyfriend of yours."

She rolled her eyes at that. "We'll see."

"Yeah, we'll see." Alex shook his head and looked at Logan. Sammi walked away.

"You guys are staying for dinner, aren't you?" Smed then mentioned he'd have it on the table in five minutes.

Alex could tell Logan didn't really want to stay, but they didn't exactly have money to burn, either.

"Sure, we'll stay." Alex went to get plates and Logan followed his lead getting the table set. Somehow, it felt to Alex, he and Logan were the new dogs and Sammi was just one scatty cat that would come around, sooner or later.


ivy's closet said...

I really think Alex can make this work. Help a friendship grow..maybe.

ellie said...

Hopefully Sammi will warm up to everyone. Maybe she's mad at herself..than anyone else.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Sammi's attitude changes - for her sake and everyone else's. :/

Josie said...

Sammi needs to pull it together -- things are rough but she has to try to push through.
xo Josie

Holly said...

I'm glad Logan met Alex.

molly said...

Oh, Alex is good for both of them.

Lux and Stan said...

Alex is soooo good.