Saturday, July 9, 2011

calling the shots

"Are you kidding me?" Alex gave Logan a steady look. "The three of us?" He hugged himself watching Logan peel off the polo shirt to wash up for their so call dinner with Noel. "He hit you. Have you forgot about that."

"No." Logan sighed. "But we have Randi, she'll be our buffer. Besides, its that China Buffet, and you know how much you like to eat there."

Alex rolled his eyes.

"Look..she's ...been..."

"What?" Alex wanted to know as he came near.

"I'm probably wrong..about Randi, her flirting and all... but now she'll know I have a boyfriend." Logan shrugged. "OK."

"OK." Alex decided not to have qualms about it. He kissed Logan then. Hoping to take his mind off this whole date thing that would be well on its way in fifteen minutes, but they could spare five minutes of making out, before..even if was cutting it close.

"I gotta shower." Logan finally pulled away.

"I know. You must." Alex smiled. "I think I do too." Oh, he liked cutting it close. His brother could wait.


Holly said...

This could be trouble!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Trouble is on the horizon! :/

ellie's desk said...

Oh, those 2. hehehee..

hollyaoks fan fiction said...

Somebody's having fun.

She is Sara said...

I am glad that they are happy.

ellie said...

Some fun times for those 2.

O V said...!

FWB said...