Sunday, July 31, 2011

the notion of it


Noel got lucky with Randi.

Seriously, it was the last thing he expected, but it ended up pretty sweet, as he thought about it now. She'd stayed the night and now, he wondered if he'd met his match.

No after stuff. Like cuddling. Or any of that when will you call me stuff. Actually, he was meaning to ask, but since she didn't. He didn't want to appear too needy. But she was on his mind because she made sex feel like some impromptu event where all the guesses were right.

And he couldn't stop thinking about her. Yes, he knew this could work out perfectly ..if..if he knew just what to say.

"So." He was stuck on that word. Wondering, if he'd be a step closer to making some sort of deal with Randi. It was just sex, anyway. He bit a grin as he was on his cell with her. Noel paced about his place. He'd been a wreck since their date.

He just couldn't wait until the fifth day to call.

"So... what?" Her voice was dull, as if she might be with someone else. She'd been pretty happy to see him that night. Or at least he thought.

"Is this a bad time?" He wanted to know. It probably was. She lived with a houseful of people.

"No." She told him.

"What are you doing?" He pictured her in the bathtub. Instantly. And she was about to drop the phone in the bubbles.

"Making a sandwich." She was so monotone.

"What kind of sandwich?" He winced.

"What ever we got in the fridge kind of sandwich. Bologna, ham, provolone, some pickles and lettuce, about to go bad. I wish we had some tomatoes." She informed him, giving him a real mental picture of what was going on.

"Is that all?" He imagined her complete vegan, somehow.

"Well, mustard and Miracle Whip."

"Both?" That was just disgusting. She laughed, and he was glad she did. He felt at ease then. That maybe this was just the beginning. Not the end. "So what are you doing later?"

"Watching TV." She was being a tad aloof, he thought. He clinched his teeth. He supposed making a deal of some kind would be completely wrong, especially over the phone. Maybe it was all wrong. But he need this. He wanted ...something.

"You could watch TV here." He told her.

"Are you sure?" She sound as if she knew him completely.

"Well." He hesitated.

"Well, what?" She said with a mouth full of sandwich.

"I could come and get you." Perhaps he was just too eager.

"I bet you could." She sighed. It was quiet for a moment. "Well, what are you waiting for?" She finally offered. It was easy to see she had him figured out. Maybe they both knew the rules, already.


ellie said...

Just when I thought he might change.

Lead The Way said...

some people just can't change

Cafe Fashionista said...

Obviously change doesn't happen overnight. :(

She is Sara said...

Wow, I hope nobody gets hurt :(

ivy's closet said...

Well. I hope those two are ready for ..whatever is to come.

lucy and sarah said...

Randi really may take him for a ride.

Josie said...

I so thought that he'd pull through for me and make some changes.
xo Josie