Wednesday, July 13, 2011

on a limb

Sammi awoke with a startling revelation. She could still feel the sweet kiss on her lips. It took her a second to think it was only a dream. Just a dream. Nothing else.


Natalie's kiss. True as the most genuine experience possible.

Sam squirmed. She couldn't get out of her covers fast enough. She thought she might be having a seizure. How had that happened? She went to the bathroom quick enough. Washed the sleep immediately and found herself studying her eyes, her lips. Yes, she touched them. She winced hard thinking she should be sick. She would be sick. But she wasn't. No, it was Natalie. She missed her. She so missed her close friend.

But she gritted. Not that much. Did she? Like that? Kiss?

Sammi took in a deep breath. This was crazy. She wasn't that crazy about Natalie was she?

She thought about the dream. What did she really imagine? Just Natalie's lips. But they were outside. It was at the pool. Maybe, Natalie was saving her from something. Like resuscitation.

But what could Natalie be saving her from? Really?

Her cell rang. It was Derrick.

Derrick. She imagined Natalie saving her from Derrick. But with a kiss?

"Hey, breakfast remembe?." He made it a short and sweet conversations with the reminders that he loved her. She told him to give her a minute or two. She raced into some Capri leggings and a long T-shirt. She swooped her stringy hair into a ponytail.

She so hoped she stopped thinking about that dream with Natalie, but then....she didn't want to forget it, either.


ivy's closet said...

You just never know who'll be in your dreams.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Dreams are crazy things sometimes. :/

Through My Eyes said...

You know us Natalie's, LOL :D

lucy and sarah said...

Well, dreams are just freaky sometimes..

FWB said...

wow..this could change everything..

ellie's desk said...

Such an interesting dream.

ellie said...

Totally wonder where this is going.

O V said...

this is going to be sooo interesting.

Josie said...

Dreams can be so interesting.
xo Josie