Friday, July 29, 2011

simply true

"Wow, this is so bad." Alex washed dishes and Logan dried. "Smed broke up with Megan."

"Do you think he'll move out, Sammi?" Logan looked to her who was being terribly quiet.

"I doubt it. She already has." Sammi shrugged who was on her laptop doing something slightly studious.

"But..but thats just temporary." Alex knew Megan's  house sitting would be over by the end of August.

"She's as good as gone, as far as I'm concerned." Sammi said it,  as if Megan was good riddance.

"You never did like her, did you?" It was true, Alex sensed it. For a moment from that look she gave him, he knew she felt the same toward him too.

Sammi remained soured and went back to typing.

" know, Randi is Natalie's cousin." Logan looked like a light bulb had suddenly came on. Alex looked at him as if he wasn't sure what that had to do with anything. Had he even been listening to his little spat with Sammi?

"Yeah, I forgot about that too. You've gotta meet Randi, Sam," Alex said after rinsing another dish. Maybe it was best to just change the subject. "We should all go to the Freight Night marathon before Fright Night comes out." He liked making plans like this. Usually, nobody showed up, but still, it was thought that counted. And just maybe, maybe one time it would actually work out. His friends would come to such an event. "Maybe even Natalie would come."

She looked up from her laptop then. "Fine."

Alex grabbed Logan, as if they might be silly kids. He kissed Logan without thinking. But maybe he was. It was even more fun pushing a few of Sammi's buttons.

She snapped her laptop shut and left them alone.


mazzy may said...

hmmm..Alex is one of a kind.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Alex is quite the character! :)

lucy and sarah said...

I think Alex knows more than we know.

ivy's closet said...

I love Alex.

She is Sara said...

haha, Alex :) I really like Sammi, I wish she would get along with people.

FWB said...

Oh, Sammi she's trouble.

blue hearts said...

So hope Sammi is OK.