Monday, July 11, 2011

totally not gonna happen

"Shut the front door!" Randi had wanted to use that line, like forever after watching that bad movie with her roomies last weekend. "Are you serious! You dated him?" Randi said into her cell. She wished she talked to her cousin more. Just then the door bell rang. "God, I gotta go. I'll talk to you later." She clicked off the phone and answered the door.

"I guess those directions weren't too hard, after all." Randi smirked a wink letting Noel in. She wore her one and only floral flowy baby doll dress that tied at the back. Usually, she wore it was her skinny jeans, but tonight it was just too hot. The dress might have hit mid thigh, but not really. Of course, she wore her trusty cowboy boots.

"So are we meeting them there, or what?" They proceeded to go. It was just the two of them and suddenly, she felt a twinge of being lost. It felt easier with Logan around.

"I think so." They got in and buckled up. He started the car. When he moved the gear in drive, his eyes stayed on her tanned thigh. It startled Randi.

"Did you know, Logan used to date my cousin." She said as if that were the ice breaker. He shifted the gear and backed out into the street and they zoomed away.

"Natalie?" Noel winced.

"Yeah." Randi smiled. She breathed easy then.

"How's she doing?" He wanted to know.

"Bored. Bored of teenage boys hanging on to her every word. You know, nerdy band campers. She works at the dorm." She told him.

"Huh, so that's where she's hiding." Noel made three green lights. Randi couldn't say if he were a good driver, or just a fast driver.

"Do you know her?" Randi asked to pass the time.

"No, not really. She probably hates my brother." Noel sighed.

"Why would she hate your brother?" Randi winced then.

"He's gay, you know." Noel pulled into the parking lot then.

"OK." Randi nursed her bottom lip, trying not to say another word, but it was on the tip of her tongue. She believed in her heart, no one needed labels. Yet anything was possible when it presented itself.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes certain things are better left unspoken. :/

FWB said...

I think Randi is going to be very interesting.

molly said...

Wow, this is gonna be fun.

Holly said...

I dunno I'd want to be mixed up with Noel.

She is Sara said...

Wow, things will be interesting on this outing.

Josie said...

Randi definitely intrigues me!
xo Josie