Saturday, August 6, 2011

accidentally lunch

Natalie felt so giddy and alive when she found Smed at the cafeteria. He was getting a milkshake to go with his lunch. She knew she had to act like she wasn't that happy to see him. So she told him she'd just seen that guy who she thought he was.

Of course, the little white lie faltered like a chard of glass through her chest. There was no Drew here.

"It was just weird." She kept smiling. Although, she was not thinking of Drew. "Are..are you OK?" She found them a table. She had a wilted salad to look at as she sipped at her bottled water.

"Yeah. I guess." But he was telling her soon enough about what Caitlin said. "Can you believe it? An intervention? We're not on drugs." He scowled.

"Well, she means well. And..and if it'll help. You know, you two patching things up." Natalie studied his pale skin, wondering if he even knew how to swim. What she'd give for a nice swim. Well, she wished he could be there....

"It won't work. What am I suppose to do? Just stick it out with Meg, until she decides its over? That's what this is about, you know." He festered a face she hadn't seen before. But still.. Natalie bit the edge of her bottom lip.

"Oh." She couldn't think of anything else to say. " have to give it a shot."

"What about you and Derrick?" Suddenly Smed switched gears. He told her he'd made a promise. She should talk. He'd talked too much last time.

"Um," Natalie closed her eyes. She hadn't thought of him for sometime. "He's with Sammi." She felt an ugly cold chill then. She was obviously a failure at relationships.

"Sammi." Suddenly, Smed looked a bit disgusted. "I still can't believe she did that. I just don't trust her. God, knows what she's capable of."

"Well, he was my first and only boyfriend." She sighed full of grief. "I know people talked about him. A lot. I should have known. But..but I didn't want to believe them. I just kept telling myself I'd be tough. Really not feel a thing, if you know, it didn't work out. And..and..I just let myself completely fall for him. I did. Its all my fault." She knew her eyes were wet, and she might as well get out the antihistamines..she would be stuffed up the rest of the day.

"You're really better off without him." Smed's smile was a little weak, but genuine.

"I know." She tried to laugh. "It hardly lasted a month. I guess." Although, she'd never really counted the days or anything with Derrick.

"What about this Drew guy?" Smed shrugged.

"What?" She'd completely forgotten about him. "Oh, Drew. Yeah, well, I dunno. He doesn't remember me..that well."

Smed nodded. Finished up his shake. It was time for him to go. Natalie still hadn't touched her salad.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Smed seems clueless right now. :/

ellie said...

I hope Natalie doesn't get her hopes up.

FWB said...

I feel so sad for Natalie.

ivy's closet said...

I hope Natalie won't let herself get hurt.

Cait said...

Oh, Smed..whats the plan???

Natalie said...

I wonder what's up with Smed?

Cookie said...

Poor natalie :(