Sunday, August 28, 2011

the beginning of the end

"This is just weird." Zeke looked around the room they'd fixed up for Smed. There was a desk, an old desk, an even older dresser and a cheap book case. They'd finally hauled in a single sized bed from Salvation Army to fix up. The rest they'd picked up that people had left for free on driveways.

"Its not that weird." Smed promised. He made up the bed with some new bright blue sheets and a plaid comforter to match. He'd gone way out on getting some good pillows too, but no extras. The place wasn't girly.

"I really thought..there was a time this room would be mine." Zeke nodded.

Smed looked at him a bit confused.

"I was really afraid it was over with Caitlin and me. I kept thinking, could I really live here with Caitlin, upstairs?" Zeke shrugged.

"But it never came to that." Smed told him.

"But can you? Can you really live here? If Megan is here too?" Zeke gave him a serious gaze.

"I'll just try not to be in the way. Give her space, you know." Smed set down in his desk chair then as if to wear it in.

"You know, it must hurt a lot. Her seeing you with someone else." Zeke sat down on the wobbly bed.

Smed sucked in a breath. "She's gonna be tough, you know."

"I-I thought you loved much." Zeke winced.

"I do. I think, this'll do us, both good." Smed stared at the bed, but not Zeke. "It happened kind of fast, Megan and me, you know. You, you and Caitlin were friends. Really, you two got to know each other. But with Meg, it was like I had to save her from something, you know. And a part of me was in love with somebody else, at the time. I don't think I was ever who she exactly wanted me to be. Maybe she'll find that now."

"So this is it? You and Natalie, now?" Zeke asked.

Smed only shrugged. "I thought for a while, I would just you know, hide out in my room. But I can't just shut down. And Natalie is sweet. She's really good to talk to. She makes me look forward to things. She makes the day better. But I don't want to rush it."

Zeke nodded. He supposed Smed knew what he was doing.


ellie said...

Things are changing.

molly said...

I wonder if Smed will ever tell Zeke the whole story???

Holly said...

Oh, goodness, I miss Meg and Smed.

Natalie said...

The title of this post really drew me into reading it, I hope Smed is doing alright

ivy said...

He's really moving on. Isn't he???

Josie said...

I hope he can move on.
xo Josie

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Smed finds the courage to move on from this. :/

Mimi said...

i agree with natalie, the title is so interesting just as the story is! :)

<3, Mimi

deeps said...

life goes on happily as of now :P