Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a bitter pill

Megan was surprised that Caitlin showed her the engagement ring first. It was quite attractive and looked a bit antique. Megan felt dizzy, suddenly. This was special. Zeke and Caitlin had talked about engagement stuff for a long while. Hadn't he given her something, already?

"This is the real deal." Caitlin was all smiles. "We decided on our trip. We ordered it online."

"Did you even go camping, at all?" Megan looked at her as if this was weird. An engagement ring while camping? She didn't find this romantic, in her book.

"No. We spent the day at the water park. And that night I found it. Wanted it. So we got it." She grinned as they both watched it sparkle on her finger.

"This'll set you back." Megan couldn't see how they could afford it. Caitlin was over at the House, at they called it. Megan didn't go many places in it, other than the kitchen, her room just off the kitchen and Paul's room.

"No. It won't. Got it on our Target gift card." Caitlin told her.

"Target?" Megan winced. She could hardly believe it. "Are you sure its real?"

"Its real. Believe me, its real. We'd been saving up on it..ever since..." She sighed, not wanting to speak of the baby. "Anyway, we had over two thousand dollars on it. And I wanted it as soon as I saw it."

"But where's the romance in that?" Megan looked at her as if she felt quite sad for her now.

"Well, Zeke was there when I picked it out. We looked at lots of rings online. And we had the money." Caitlin told her.

"You spent all your money on this ring?" Megan thought this was clearly pathetic now. It was beneath her to think such a life.

"No." Caitlin shook her head. "We spent enough. And maybe I'll put more on the gift card. Save for other wedding things."

Megan rolled her eyes at that.

"Fine. Whatever. Maybe Smed was never your Prince Charming to begin with." Caitlin said as if she were done being her friend, too.

"Caitlin!" Megan looked at her best friend so bitterly. "Why would you say that!"

"So what ever did you do with your engagement ring, Craig gave you?" Caitlin wanted to know. She told her how she remembered her flaunting it at school.

Megan shook her head. She didn't want to think how silly she was back then. But maybe she was just as silly now. She bit her upper lip. Emotions stirred her up with a sudden bout of tears. A part of her felt as if she'd fallen in a deep dark hole and no one was there to help her out. And maybe she deserved it.

Why couldn't she come down off her pedestal? It was so hard to be kind, but she was at least attracted to it.


Cafe Fashionista said...

They are both being so hurtful right now. :/

molly said...

Hopefully, they won't stay mad at each other.

mazzy may said...

That is cool about C. engagement ring.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, Megan, I think she's changing, but sometimes, I wonder.

She is Sara said...

Wow, they both need to cool their jets!

Josie said...

They're both way too over-the-top.
xo Josie

lucy and sarah said...

I'm yearning for days to wear a cardigan, again.

lucy and sarah said...

So sorry I did that! oops. Anyway, I do like what his happening in the story.