Sunday, August 14, 2011

despicable me

"So, are you... OK?" Sammi finally got around to asking Smed. She didn't want to sound too eager. But really, she'd drop Derrick like a rock if Smed showed the slightest interest.

She pleaded with her eyes, but naturally he didn't get it. He was deep in reading, something. If it wasn't for a summer class then it was for a class in the fall. He didn't say. Of course, he was cordial, yet studious.  Honestly, she wasn't looking for a study buddy.

Sammi flicked her shiny blond strands of hair behind her back.

Smed didn't look up. He just nodded. Which was such an insult. Sammi wanted eye contact. Now.

Of course, it wasn't the most romantic place to be. He was at the breakfast bar, and she was digging through the cupboards for something sweet to eat. Damn, there was nothing.

"There's some gummi bears behind the cake mixes." Smed mentioned. She looked at him. Still studying. Didn't even look her way. She sighed as she found the fresh gummi bears. Her favorites.

"Want some?" She offered after she bit into a lemon one.

"No thanks." Still  not even a look. Finally he slapped the book shut. "I wonder where she could be?" Smed said out of the blue.

"Who?" Sammi winced.

Someone tapped on the back door. Smed opened the door. "I was getting worried." His smile was just a wee bit sly. Sammi knew he'd never smile at her that way.

The anticipation was killing her as she waited for a look. Was he back with Megan? Honestly? No. Sammi almost gasped. Natalie was in the kitchen, and Smed was more than just a little friendly with her.


Cafe Fashionista said...

What an awkward moment. :/

ellie said...

This made me smile. Natalie showing up.

lucy and sarah said...

Sammi..caught in a hard place, I'm sure.

Holly said...

What a shock for sammi!

FWB said...

Really interesting situation.

Anonymous said...

what a bombshell for Sammi!

molly said...

I'd like to see the look on Sammi's face..=D

Josie said...

Uh, surprise, Sammi!
xo Josie