Thursday, August 18, 2011

far away in another room

Something had changed. Derrick didn't want to admit that. But Sammi was a bit aloof. Still. Sure, he understood her little aftermath with things. But it was good, when ever he saw her. It was great. Being with her. He'd finally reached a satisfaction seal of approval. Well, it wasn't something he could exactly blog about, but if he could..Sammi was his number one in his list of girlfriends. He wouldn't consider them lovers, since he felt sure he was the one doing all the work. Even now, Sammi was being kind of a bitch.

"Did you meet someone back home?" His arm was around her, and they were watching TV at her place. He just could not get in to The Nine Lives of Chloe King. So he wanted to talk a lot while Sammi was watching that perfect English dude on the TV screen. Benjamin Stone. Yeah, he knew his name. He had a feeling Sammi was looking for her very own Benjamin Stone, at the moment.

"No." She looked at him as if he'd said something awful. "How could you ask such a thing?"

"Just curious." He breathed into her ear. He thought she liked that. Obviously not.

"God." She reached for the popcorn then. "You are such a control freak!"

"Me?" Derrick winced back. "What an awful thing to say!" He watched her get up, almost losing the popcorn. Mainly, on him. He took the popcorn away from her and jerked her back to him. "Am I the only one trying here? Trying to be happy? Trying to make this work?" What was her problem?

"I saw Natalie." She finally sighed as if that was it. The only thing holding her back. Natalie. "How did you break up with her, anyway?" She laid her head on his chest. He picked popcorn off his shirt and ate it. He stared at the TV for a little while. There was something exciting happen, always was, the last 15 minutes or so. Somehow he'd missed why Ninjas appeared out of nowhere.

"I really can't remember," he said, and he couldn't. He didn't want to think about Natalie. He hadn't thought about her in an awful long time.


ellie said...

Misery does love company.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes it's best to leave certain people in the past. :/

mazzy may said...

Nothing like the past stirring up trouble.

Lux and Stan said...

Will Derrick ever win her over..completely?

ivy said...

Wish those 2 could find a stable ground.