Saturday, August 20, 2011

if one thing leads to another

At least Caitlin forgave Megan. Also Zeke was babysitting Paul. It was probably the fact he could do the laundry too, while over at the nice place where Megan was staying, Paul's home.

They were going to a movie. A chick flick. One of those last chance movies to see before it went to video. It only took five bucks to see the show.

"So how's everything going?" Caitlin asked while they were waiting in line at the concessions. It would be dinner, diet coke and a bucket of popcorn. No butter. Megan couldn't afford to mess up her clothes. Yet again, her Dad forgot to send any extra cash this summer, but she was not going to bother with him. Her grandmother told her he'd hit a rough patch. Money was tight.

"Fine." Yet Megan felt hollow inside. Soon she'd be back at the house, and she'd have to face Smed. She felt this was more of a break they were taking, than anything else. He hadn't called. Neither had she. But then she spotted him at the ticket booth.

He was with a girl. This set her off. But she looked the other way as if she didn't see them. She rubbed the back of her neck as if she were in thought. "I hear the Australian dude is really hot in this, and he even dated that actress on Gossip Girl."

"Who? Who are you talking about?" Caitlin looked at her funny as if Megan never talked that way or about people like that.

"I've..I've met someone." Megan's lips were tight. She could hardly stand it when Smed walked by, holding had to be a date.

"Hey!" He was smiling all over. He even looked kind of tan. His date was tan too.  Anyway, he was talking to Caitlin not her. "What are you guys doing here?" He looked at both of them then. Still smiles. All smiles. It was killing Megan, slowly. God, she had to call the karate dude now. Had to. Smed was putting her up to it.

"What are you two seeing?" Caitlin asked.

Megan plastered on a fake smile. She could get through this. Hopefully, they weren't seeing the same movie.

"Fright Night." Smed looked at Caitlin then his eyes met Megan's. "You've met Natalie, haven't you?"

Megan gritted. This was pure torture.

"Hi." It was weak, but she made an effort to speak. Finally, they were gone.

"You know, you're taller." Caitlin just said.

"No, I'm not." Megan looked down at her wedges she was wearing. She really did like the raspberry toenail polish. Paul picked it out and even put it on her toes. They did each others toes. It wasn't that bad being Paul's nanny.

"He's not that tall." Caitlin shrugged. "You need to look for taller guys."

"Look, I did meet someone." She knew Caitlin was trying to make her feel better. Soon it was time for them to order treats. They did. Megan added some M&M's to her bucket of popcorn. She so needed chocolate.

"What's his name?" Caitlin asked while she was getting napkins.

"Oh..uh..his name is Dung?"

"Dung?" Caitlin looked at her as if poop might be on the floor. "What kind of name is that?"

"I have no idea." Megan gave her tweety-bird lip pout. Her luck, he was probably gay, too.


Cafe Fashionista said...

A name doesn't make the person. :/

FWB said...

I'm sad and yet excited for Megan.

ellie said...

I'm happy she and Caitlin are still friends.

lucy and sarah said...

its good to have a girlfriend during a time like this..a very good friend.

fashionwise said...

great that they are still friends !

wanna follow each other ?
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