Friday, August 12, 2011

a little help or so

Megan was trying her best to do every little thing with Paul, lately. Of course, he asked about Smed everyday. As if something might change. It hadn't. Probably wasn't going too. It was best for her think of today, not next month. But the here and now. Besides, Paul still went to karate. Megan always stayed until the end on his night there at the youth center.

"Mrs. Porter, I need a word with you." Of course, the instructor didn't look much older than Megan.

"I'm..I'm not Mrs. Porter." Megan clarified. "I'm, I'm Paul's au pair." Perhaps it was temperary, but she hated being anyone's Nanny. "I'm ..I'm Megan." Suddenly, she felt a little shy around him.

The instructor smile was inviting. He didn't look like a Kung Foo warrior at the moment.

"Where are his parents?" The instructor looked a bit concerned. He told her that might be why Paul wasn't trying as hard as he used too.

"Oh, his mother is on a safari, somewhere. Research on elephants, I think." She'd never had to call. Ever so often she skyped.

"Does he talk to you?" The instructor wanted to know.

"No. Yes." That was the better answer. She couldn't say they were completely friends, but they were getting along. Possibly. Paul was a very shy child. She told the instructor this.

"Yes, he is." The instructor agreed. He then introduced himself. "I'm Dung."

"Oh." Megan looked at him wide eyed. He gave her a firm handshake.

"If I can help you out, in anyway. I'm here." He offered.

Megan exposed a smile. What was he trying to say? He wanted to go out with her?


Cafe Fashionista said...

Looks like there's a new boy in Megan's life. :)

ivy's closet said... This'll be interesting!

ellie said...

Can't hardly wait to see where this goes.

FWB said...

Things are looking up. I hope.

She is Sara said...

He is cuuuute :)

Natalie said...

Like the new header a lot, seems to spice up this blog along with the new update :D

Anonymous said...

I hope it works out.