Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the sizzling heat

"I dunno know why you give him the time of day." Zeke admitted how he really felt about Noel. He wished Caitlin would stop worrying about him. At the moment he had the grill going out by the pool. It had taken Smed, Alex, Logan and himself all summer to get the pool cleaned out. Something they were going to do last year and never got a chance to. So now they were celebrating. Zeke was planning on getting some steaks on the grill. It was just..he'd never done this before.

Of course, Caitlin was stretched out by the pool getting some sun. She had her shades on and looked just about as pale as the concrete in her two piece swim suit.

"Well, he could be a really good guy. He's just-" She went on about Noel for a few more minutes. Zeke stopped listening. He had a fire going on the charcoal. If only Smed were here, or Alex. They were completely handy. Zeke kept nodding, hoping he could throw the steaks on first. Then he saw that Caitlin wanted a chicken breast instead.

He watched the fire lick into the metal of the grill. It looked like something he'd seen at one of those steakhouse he always wanted to go to when he was younger. Most of his life had been a steady diet of fruit and meat. He never ate vegetables. Actually, he didn't even like chicken. Just lots of beef.

Finally, he got up the nerve. He tossed on the chicken breast. It sizzle instantly.

He'd catch Caitlin speak of Noel. She just wouldn't shut up about him. "Are you starting a fan club or something?" He was working here. He didn't mean to sound mean. "Honestly, why don't you just call up all his old girlfriends. You guys could get together and have something like a book club. Except, it would be about Noel."

He reached for the tongs, finally. Only a little too late. It was blacken chicken when he turned it over. Zeke snarled his nose up. "Crap." He let slip under his breath.

"What? What are you doing!" Caitlin got up to investigate. It was her dinner on the grill.

"I can't concentrate if you're gonna talk about Noel, all the time!" He was mad that he'd burnt the chicken. He had to blame it on someone.


Josie said...

This has to be hard on him.
xo Josie

Cafe Fashionista said...

I wish they would stop fighting. :(

ivy's closet said...

It just funny thinking of him grilling..makes me think of my boyfriend.

mazzy may said...

Hopefully, things aren't that bad between them.

Stephanie said...

I sincerely hope things get better!

Eternally yours,

She is Sara said...

I hope it gets better! :( Looks like things are tough.