Thursday, August 4, 2011

so now

"Maybe I just made it worse." Caitlin was beginning to think. But the engagement ring was important to her. And she was proud of the fact that they were on the start of something big, she and Zeke. They had a wedding to think about, which would probably be a decade away at this point, but still. It was this positive energy she could hardly contain. And now she had to show it off to Smed.

"Its not your fault, Cait." Smed was his somber self. But he was in the kitchen getting ready for work.

"But it is." Caitlin told him it was her idea about the tattoo. "And I was just kidding. Really. I didn't think she'd know.."

Smed gasped a laugh and pulled his fingers through his wavy hair. He turned to go back to getting his lunch ready. It was like any other day. She guessed.

"Its not really over, is it?" She looked at him, but he kept his back turned to her as if he'd rather not say. "I just don't believe you, OK. You two have to..."

"What?" He winced hard as he rolled his grown bag up. "Things are not fine between us. And we could talk til the cows come home..and it wouldn't make it any better."

"What if ..if we all had dunno. An intervention." Caitlin brained stormed.

"Intervention? What are you talking about?" Smed looked at her as if this wasn't some game of truth or dare. It was over.

"You can't just give up on her, like that." Caitlin told him. "She needs you. You need her. Think of how much you two have invested. You're on the same family phone plan. You can't just not..." Caitlin shook her head. "Be there for her Smed."

But he walked away as if he wasn't really listening. She knew he heard her.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad that Caitlin is trying to help; I only hope that Smed listens. :/

ellie said...

Aw..Smed. Is he sure he wants to be free of her?

Josie said...

I hope that Smed is open to Caitlin's help...
xo Josie

ivy's closet said...

Smed may not be perfect after all.

lucy and sarah said...

It might be hard to get back together.

She is Sara said...

I wonder if he will try to talk to her?