Tuesday, August 30, 2011

where do the days go

"I thought you'd left town?" Someone said. Alex just winced. He was seeing if their were any back to school sales left. He really did need a jump drive and a new backpack wouldn't hurt, either. Naturally, he was looking in the clearance part at Walmart. Logan wondered off to the video games.

Alex squinted harder.

"You never did get you any contacts, did you?" Alex would know that smart mouth, anywhere.

"Shut up, you know I've always been a squinter." He gave his old roommate a hug then. "Dung, where you been?"

"Uh, pretty much where I always am." He looked Alex over.

"Still a yoga instructor?" Alex remembered Dung trying to get everyone to know a few of the yoga basics. Only Alex was cheap and never went down to check out the place where Dung worked.

Dung nodded, he told Alex he was teaching karate too.

"What a very strange mix." Alex nodded.

"Its not that strange." Dung assured him. "What have you been up too?"

"Well, I'm not a millionaire yet." Alex shrugged. "I'm volunteering at the zoo. So hoping it lands me a job. Maybe with the University. Its cool. I really like it."

"Always great if you can get paid for what you a passion for." Dung sounded as if he understood. He'd always liked that about Dung. But he was the most focused guys that Alex ever met. Still, he was sure Dung never dated. He was so focused on his goals. Those were his passions. "Guess you're not seeing anyone?"

Dung shook his head, still as sincere as always.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Getting paid for doing what you love is the most amazing thing in the world! :)

Lisa said...

love this! your stories are amazing!!

ivy's closet said...

Oh, its good to see old friends.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, good Alex knows Dung.

ellie said...

Good to know he's friends with Dung.

deeps said...

yet another cute piece of work...
maybe it s time Dung started seeing someone too :P

Natalie said...

getting paid for doing something you love is just the most amazing feeling in the world

Josie said...

I think it's so great that he loves what he's doing!
xo Josie

Anonymous said...

Yeah its a really nice show! :)

She is Sara said...

Dung seems laid-back and cool!

Glee said...

a good read, you´ve got real talent. :)