Sunday, September 25, 2011

all that glitters

Could she feel it? Did she know it when she saw it?

Megan felt as if she might trip on her own two feet when she saw Dung standing there. She wasn't sure if he could make it.

"You said, you had other plans?" Was this really second date potential? She thought he'd find a reason not to come. Sure, they'd talked a lot on their very first date. Blind date, maybe. He talked about his grandparents who lived in Vancouver now. He'd stayed with them a good portion of his life. His mother was a hairdresser on a Canadian TV show. Megan had never heard of it. He'd rattled on for some time about his family and then it was as if they were playing HOT POTATO. 'your turn..' She hadn't expected that. It was lame. She smiled. Maybe it was the wine that did the trick.

But here he was again. Not holding hands or anything. Nothing like Smed and Natalie who were in their own little world. She vowed to hate Natalie. She really wanted to. Even now. But she was so adorable around Smed. They looked so good together. She couldn't deny that. No, not like when she was with Smed. Half the time she was making him not smile. He did have this beautiful infectious smile which she'd never really seen until now.

She smiled at Dung, hoping he thought she was smiling at him. Not Smed and Natalie. It was a sad smile. Hopefully, she knew what she was doing with Dung. They loaded up in the car with Derrick and Sami, who looked at Megan suspiciously as if she might steal Derrick from her.

After they got to the stadium, Megan walked down the long corridor to the restrooms with Sami.

"You know, Derrick's crazy about you." Megan told her before they got very far alone. She wanted to settle this before they all sat down together. "He won't shut up about you."

Sami nodded.

"I'm not trying to steal your boyfriend, I promise." Megan informed her.

"I know." Sami sighed.

"What is going on with you?" Megan wanted to know. Sam told her she couldn't talk about it. She went into the stall. Megan with a few stalls down. After their little visit to the toilet, they washed up, re-applied lip gloss.

"When you want to talk about it, I'm here." Megan offered.

Sami nodded, still being quiet. Megan hugged herself. Had she been that horrible of a friend to her? Just then Natalie walked in.

"Can you wait for me?" Natalie asked. "I don't like getting lost in crowds."

"Sure." Megan nodded. She knew she couldn't be mean to Natalie. She really couldn't hold it against her, falling in love with Smed.


Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see Megan's sweeter side. :)

ivy said...

I'm glad she liked Natalie.

ellie said...

I think Megan is growing up.

blue hearts said...

someone is maturing.

Josie said...

I'm so glad that Megan's nice side is coming out!
xo Josie

FWB said...

I'm glad she likes Natalie.

Lux and Stan said...

How sweet.