Wednesday, September 7, 2011

back home

Smed felt a little wobbly holding his brother's baby, but Dolby and Molly were smiling at him as if he needed to hold the baby a little longer. Finally, he asked Natalie is she wanted to hold the baby with the naked onion head. The baby's eyes kept watching Smed. It was official he was an uncle.

Clumsily, Natalie held out her arms. The baby finally looked at her as if she was something new to observe.

"So I guess you two wouldn't mind babysitting." Molly grinned with almost a wink. Smed looked at her a bit uncomfortable. He didn't bring Natalie home with him.... just to babysit. He grimaced slightly. "Just kidding." Molly gave him a little wave with a wink.

"Seriously, you two could take her for a little while, couldn't you?" Dolby was his gruff self. Smed gave him a festered look.

"Dolby, you be glad your brother came back to see you." Molly warned him that nobody was taking care of that baby, but her.

Dolby rolled his eyes as if she was trying to be a saint these days. "Well, some day, you have to let somebody babysit her." He informed him.

Natalie gave the baby back to Molly before she bickered with Dolby.

"Lets..lets get out of here." Smed pressed a smile. Soon enough they were out the front door and on the street. It was very warm still. Hardly fall at all. He took her hand. "Its weird being back." He'd already heard an earful from Molly. Questioning him all about Megan, but then turning right around... telling him how cute  Natalie was, and how Molly bet Natalie was sweeter than Megan ever could be.

They walked the block, holding hands. Then another. Smed felt as if he were in a fix of some sort. Maybe this was all wrong. To come here with Natalie, he then thought. They were just dating. He liked her company. She was easy to get along with. She knew how to read maps. She could navigate with her cell phone. And they'd had a great time traveling on the road. They'd driven without really stopping. They'd made great time. Now, was the odd part. Did they sleep together? And if they did? Did that mean something else? What if it did happen? Even worse, what if it didn't?

Smed felt he was in limbo. It was as if he needed to call Zeke, like his life line on a game show. It was a big question. He could already hear Dolby saying, "GO FOR IT! DUDE!" Smed let out a sigh. There was a little park up ahead. They sat down at a bench.

"Its so nice out." Natalie told him. "Its really pretty around here." All the old trees were starting to turn autumn colors. Smed looked overhead at the leaves. He nodded. He looked back at the swings and the jungle gym. Not a soul around.

"Look, about..tonight.." He started. She kissed him as if she understood. He kissed her back without any hesitation. He didn't want to worry about it. She wouldn't let him. It was fun, getting to know her.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I like the comfort between the two of them - they are adorable. :)

ellie's desk said...

So complicated..yet not.

mazzy may said...

Aw, I think they'll figure it out.

She is Sara said...

They really are sweet together!

Stephanie said...

Such a cute young couple!

Eternally yours,

deeps said...

Happy Onam....
well, looks like not really pushing on now :P