Saturday, September 17, 2011

he's not that horrible

"Oh... my... God." Megan crossed her arms and made more of a production out of those three little words than just the simple question Caitlin asked her a few days later about Derrick. "It was just coffee."

"But you had a date with..with Dung." Caitlin was puzzled. They hated Derrick. It was still unanimous, wasn't it?

"Yeah, it was OK. Nothing great. Not bad." Megan sighed as she was trying to make herself an egg burrito before her class started. Smed was already gone. He was amazing at avoiding her. "It wasn't a date with Derrick. He ...just talk."

Megan wanted to tell her that she didn't think Derrick was that bad anymore, but she knew what Caitlin would say. She'd tell her she was just under Derrick's spell.

"I'm not going out with him, OK." Megan promised.

Caitlin nodded.

"It was just a fluke that it happened. He's a funny guy." Megan sighed, wondering what else could she say. Naturally, Caitlin left her in mid sentence. Megan followed, locking up. She supposed she'd said too much about Derrick, already.


Lottie said...

love the story!

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's a very confusing time for them all. Things will fall into place though. :)

ellie said...

Hopefully, she's not leading Derrick on..or it could be him, but she seems to know what she's doing.

lucy and sarah said...

Sometimes, friends are the most unlikely.

molly said...

Oh, it might really work out between Derrick and Megan.

NutriSystem Weightloss Journey said...

Love this! Keep it coming!

deeps said...

You know what?
I wont be surprised when I get to see a book published by you :P

She is Sara said...

Ugh, Derrick. I don't think he is that bad but geez, what is he up to?

Josie said...

Oh, dear. I hope things work out okay.
xo Josie