Friday, September 23, 2011

is timing everything

Smed really wasn't expecting Zeke's reaction about Natalie. What was he suppose to say?  Yes, it happened in his room at his house. Sex. But he wouldn't exactly call it that with Natalie. It was one of those things that naturally happened. Nothing forced. At least, he didn't think so. But then again, they didn't really dwell on it. It was genuinely good. Perhaps not fantastic, yet he liked afterwards. A lot.

Of course, it hadn't happened since. But it could. Maybe even tonight. It felt good to not be alone. And it would get better. Being with Natalie was something to look forward to.

But of course Zeke went and asked the ultimate question. "Do you love her?"

"Of course." Smed shrugged it off. He needed to get ready for the game. He didn't want to think about the question. But did he? Did he really mean it? Was it the kind of love he'd fight for? Was it the way Zeke felt about Caitlin? Was it the way he felt about Caitlin. Unconditionally?

He didn't want to be around Zeke with all the questions. He quickly showered, got into his matching outfit that Natalie would sport. The University T-shirt and black jeans. Smed needed this unification. He couldn't have asked for anything better with Natalie who was sweet and kind. An amazing listener. It was as if he'd found his best self in her. It had to work. He'd make it work.

Before he knew it, the car was packed. Natalie was there in her black cardigan. They were driving over with Caitlin and Zeke. Then Derrick showed up to get Sami. He saw Megan who looked as if she might go solo with them, but it wasn't long until this new guy showed up. He seemed friendly enough. Yet, Smed didn't move from where he was. It felt like a caravan going to the game. Of course, they weren't going very far. Just to the stadium parking lot.

Smed held on to Natalie's hand. It was going to be great. He put his arm around her waist as if he knew exactly how to get on with things.

Soon enough Alex came around on his new purchase. A scooter. Logan hung on tight. "Just follow me." Alex told them. Smed almost cracked up, thinking Alex was a little crazy, but not that crazy. So it began, the little parade that took them into bumper to bumper traffic.

"God, what are we doing?" Caitlin sounded so down. "We could have walked." She fretted from the backseat.

"It would be 12 blocks." Zeke reminded her.

Smed looked at Natalie, all smiles. For the first time, he realized just how intoxicated she was around him. He didn't think he had that sort of affect on anyone. Ever. Not until now. Smed watched her from the corner of his eye. A bit of him wanted to laugh at her. How could she? It was all so ridiculous, wasn't it? But still that same smile on Natalie's face. It was a little strange.

By the time they got to the parking place that Alex found for them, Smed decided he would just have to go with it. After all, he'd already slept with her.


ellie said...

Could he be having second thoughts?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Smed's really proving to be someone else right now. :/

lucy and sarah said...

It could get complicated.

molly said...

I hope he doesn't upset her.

Lux and Stan said...

Sometimes, you get scared when dating turns into something else.

deeps said...

One thing special about your write ups is, you get apt titles for every post :P