Thursday, September 1, 2011

a little more than an expirement

"Is there anybody you don't know?" Logan looked at Alex, trying not be jealous after Alex introduced him to Dung.

"I don't know everybody." Alex looked hurt that Logan would think such a thing. He looked back at Dung. "You know, what I'm gonna do?"

Logan looked at him surprised wondering what Alex meant. Juggle oranges, for all Logan knew.

"Hey, Dung," Alex went back to pull the Asian dude with the spiky hair, aside.

Logan watched hoping Alex wasn't going to do something weird.

"I think its about time, you need a date," Alex said.

Logan hugged himself, thinking when did Alex think he was cupid.

"See, I know this girl, who would find you, totally cool. You wouldn't be out anything. I'd make you dinner. A dinner for the two of you." Alex smiled.

"I dunno." His ex-roommate looked at him as if he had to be kidding.

"Come on, you know you miss my cooking. And she's really cute. She can be quite nerdy. I'll tell her to wear her glasses." Alex said in a rather sing song way.

"OK." Dung finally gave in. Alex told him the time and place. Finally, Dung walked away.

"Since when have you started playing matchmaker?" Logan looked at him seriously.

"I just..want Megan to feel better." Alex shrugged. "I know she still thinks I stole that job from her, over the summer. And now that she's not with Smed anymore, and..and he's moved on. She has to get back out there. It'll be just a little push." He promised.


ellie said...

Nice of him to want to get them together.

mazzy may said...

Oh, Alex. He's almost seems.

lucy and sarah said...

Wow, that'll be cool that he's set a date up for them.

ivy's closet said...

Alex to the rescue!

sm said...

like the header and sidebar pics

Mimi said...

awww, alex! :)

<3, Mimi

Cafe Fashionista said...

Alex is a sweetie! :)

She is Sara said...

Haha, this seems like a great plan!

Natalie said...

oooh la la, hehe ;)