Friday, October 21, 2011

about that

Zeke knew he couldn't make an issue about Noel and Randi moving in. After all, Randi was Caitlin's new best friend.

He saw what Caitlin was up to. She was going through her old clothes.

"She might not need those, you know." Zeke found himself saying before he had a chance to stop himself. But there were all her maternity clothes on the bed. He looked away and tried not to think what was on his mind. But what if those clothes brought Randi bad luck? He wouldn't wish what had happened to Caitlin and himself on anyone.

"Yes, she does." Caitlin folded up maternity T-shirts and dresses. He knew some of it, she might never wear. She might not ever want to be pregnant, again either. Which he was OK with, he guessed. Maybe.

"You're not going to give her the black sweater dress, are you?" Zeke remembered how hard it was to find in her size in the first place. "You said you would wear it, no matter what." Besides, he liked the dress on her. It accentuated her curves. "In fact, you said it was the best dress you ever had."

"I know..its just..." She pressed her lips tight. "I'm sorry, certain things just make me wish on something..I know is not going to happen, right now. I just don't have a right to keep it." She looked at him then.

"OK." He nodded as if he understood.

"She can use them." Caitlin told him how tight Noel and Randi were for cash. "And she can pass them right back when.." But she couldn't finish the sentence.

"All right." Zeke kissed her forehead. He needed to hold her. He just did.


Cafe Fashionista said...

They have such an amazing relationship with one another. :)

ellie said...

Aw, I think they are maturing ..more and more.

Cuppykirsten said...

He is so cute, they are so sweet together... :)

With love, Kirsten

lucy and sarah said...

He cares so much about her. I love that about him.

ivy's closet said...

Its still a very tender subject for them.

Lux and Stan said...

I hope they don't break up.