Friday, October 7, 2011

another world entirely

"Maybe these will help." The doctor shook a huge bottle of pills. He passed them to Randi. "You're iron is a little low."

"Oh." She read the label. She eyeballed the prescription then gulped. "Prenatal?" This was all she got? She sighed sitting in the doctor's office as she looked over at Noel.

"Feel free to hang around for the sonogram room to open, if you wish, or make an appointment." The doctor did his part, evidently.

"Is this going to make me stop vomiting?" She needed to know as she held on to the bottle, wishing it was a magical elixir, only she wasn't sure what to wish for. She wasn't sure if she should cry or just laugh. Noel was being so stoic.

She tried to listen to the doctor tell her how she needed to rest, exercise, eat her green veggies.

"But..I'm so hungry. I want cheese burgers." It was true. She was sad at the thought of them, since her mother would be so mad to find out she was eating meat. It was all so emotional. She started to sob. She was having a baby. How did that happen?

Randi hugged herself. She didn't know what Noel was thinking.

Soon they were to sit in another hall and wait their turn for a sonogram. They needed to chart this event, to be certain about the due date. It couldn't be true.

"You don't have to wait, if you don't want too." Tears emerged. She didn't mean to cry.

"Where am I going to go?" He looked at her as if she was just being selfish now.

"I know you're mad." She knew that face. They weren't like other couples.

"I'm not mad." But he chewed on his thumb nail.

"I'm sorry." She cried, getting most of his shirt wet, the sleeve too.

"It'll be all right." He put his arm around around her, and she cried on his shoulder, wishing the wait wasn't so long.

"This... your first one?" The black lady talked so slow as she got everyone situated. "You're not suppose to be crying, honey." She gave Randi some  Kleenex. She didn't know until later it was for the jelly on her belly.

Randi nodded, but she couldn't help it. What if they found nothing in her stomach? She looked at Noel who didn't really seem happy nor sad. She wanted him to tell her...something. Soon enough, their program started on the screen. The shock of the cold jelly almost stung.

"My goodness, look at that little man. I think you got a football player, in there." The technician laughed. Something squirmed on the screen. "It's either a big baby or... you, are farther a long than you think."

"What?" Randi winced. She didn't have a mysterious lover. She'd only been with Noel, who was suddenly animated as if this was the best show he'd ever seen in his life. She guessed he was happy about this.

"Just teasing, you won't have this baby til almost July." The woman might as well have stabbed her in the chest with the news.

"JULY!" Randi shook her head. She didn't know if she could make it until then.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Wow! This is crazy news! :)

ellie said...

It is kind of funny..but I can see it being that way. He might even be happy.

mazzy may said...

That would be scary to would be that long before a be born.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, Randi...she's something.

She is Sara said...

Randi is a handful!

molly said...

I wonder how Noel is gonna handle all this.

deeps said...

life has to go on ... :)