Monday, October 31, 2011

As Halloween would go

Megan didn't have anything planned for Halloween, other than handing out candy. There were a few days where she thought she might have to take Paul trick or treating, but at the last minute he went to his grandparents instead.

She'd spent the night before working on her Jack-O-Lantern. Derrick watched, ate some roasted pumpkin seeds and then said he was going to a costume party with some of the guys. She thought maybe he did this because she'd held his hand.

Well, she could be just as indifferent as he could be, she was now thinking. It wasn't like it had been that much of a romantic moment. Still, it was kind of nice and maybe Caitlin was right. Derrick didn't want nice.

She'd watched Smed leave in some sort of mask bandit outfit. But she'd decided not to bother with saying anything. As it was, he looked as if he were late. Next were Alex and Logan in capes and vampire teeth, along with possibly more fake blood than anyone could take, scurried off to the zoo Halloween festival.

Megan was beginning to think she was overdressed in her pink hoodie and yoga pants. Soon the doorbell rang, her first ticker-treaters to arrive, she thought. Instead it was Sammi's date.

He was new. She gave him the look over. He was kind of in a costume, or was he? His old beat-up cowboy hat looked pretty ridiculous. His checked shirt had a rip and his old jeans were sad looking too.

"Sammi!" She called for her.

"Hi, I'm Lyle." He shook her free hand. The other was holding a big bowl of candy. He got himself an Almond Joy and Mounds bar.

"Sometimes, I feel like a nut, but you know, not that often." He opened the Mounds candy and ate it on the spot.

Megan squinted a smile as she watched him. Who did he make her think of? She could sense it. There was something about the way his mouth moved. No, maybe it was the nose. Quite possibly the hair. Well, if he'd take off the hat.

Sammi showed up finally in her princess outfit. She was wearing a tiara and pink tulle skirt.

"I could take your picture." Megan got out her camera. "You know, first Halloween." So she got a shot of them by the front door. Some song of playradioplay started to play through her head. He was the cowboy and she was the princess.

"Hope you have fun." She smiled as she watched them leave. Lyle was lanky and a tad clumsy. Megan shook her head as she thought about him. Smed suddenly came to mind. She wondered then, did she just see Smed in everyone, or did this Lyle actually look a lot like Smed?


Cafe Fashionista said...

Hmmm...I wonder where that observation will lead to. :/

ellie said...

Oh, I wonder if thats really true..or Megan is seeing what she wants to see.

ivy's closet said...

I feel bad for her about Derrick. Why is being a jerk now?

lucy and sarah said...

Interesting how she feels about Lyle....I wonder if its true. Or, just a coincidence.