Saturday, October 1, 2011

be happy

"Do you think she was OK?" Natalie didn't want to see Randi leave with Noel. It was just she and Smed left at the all night diner.

"Why shouldn't she be?" Smed wondered what he'd missed.

"She didn't look well." Natalie told him. He nodded picking at the crumbs left of his chocolate pie.

"You think Noel is ..treating her, OK? Right?" Smed wondered if he should be more concerned.

"I guess." She drank more coffee. "Its just her family is so different from mine." She shrugged.

"Really?" Smed thought maybe Randi was more of a sister than a cousin.

"My parents are so traditional. Friday night dinner. The works." Natalie almost smiled. "Randi's parents never married. Her Dad  worked for NASA until he had a breakdown. Anyway, she grew up on an organic farm. I'm sure she thought I always got everything and she didn't. Not that my parents are rich. We are conservative. She grew up most of her life in a commune. But sometimes, I wonder if I would have been different, if I'd grown up like her."

He touched her hand. His smile broaden. "I'm pretty sure, you'd still be you."

Natalie bit a smile. "Funny, I think the same about you, too."

Smed didn't hear anymore about Randi. He was sure there was nothing to worry about.


Cuppykirsten said...


With love, Kirsten

Holly said...

I hope Smed is figuring out ..what he wants.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Smed is incredibly confused right now. :/

deeps said...

yes, there doesnt seem to be anything to worry about :)

mazzy may said...

Oh, I hope Smed is on the same page as Natalie.

O V said...

I'm glad they are getting to talk..alone.