Saturday, October 15, 2011

eggrolls make the world better

"So are you, are..aren't you?" Caitlin wanted to know if Noel and Randi were moving in. The two of them got together without the guys for their Chinese brunch.

"Well, I dunno. What's the question?" Randi looked at her funny as if she wasn't ready to be on a game show.

"Do you think you'll move in?" Caitlin grabbed an eggrolls then went to get herself some egg drop soup.

Randi got more fresh spinich and a few more celery sticks. She tossed on some sweet and sour chicken on her salad. Caitlin noticed how she looked dreamily at at crab rangoon, then turned away, just to turn back and put it on her plate.

"Noel, really hasn't discussed it." Randi told her. "He's spazzing out... on still helping out with some high school football practice. Something about student teaching." She shrugged.

"Sounds like you two need to talk more." Caitlin thought out loud.

Randi only smiled.

"How are you feeling?" Caitlin was bold enough to ask. She wasn't going to think about the past and about her own baby.

"I guess, OK." Randi nodded. "But sometimes, I feel like I'm carrying a cannon ball, or something. I just get tired. I don't like the way the iron makes me smell. I'm pretty sure it disgusts Noel too, even if he won't say it."

"It couldn't be that bad." Caitlin thought she could remember. She bit into an eggroll. For a second, she wished she was pregnant, but the more she ate and thought. No, she was glad she wasn't in Randi's shoes.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Be careful what you wish for... :/

ellie said... I'm glad they can be friends, though.

She is Sara said...

I guess she will have to live through Randi.

molly said...

I'm glad they are friends.

mazzy may said...

They are cute together.

Cuppykirsten said...

So sweet, although it has a bitter edge, somehow. Loved it.

With love, Kirsten