Sunday, October 9, 2011

just another test

"Oh my God." Logan couldn't help but eyeball Noel when he told him the news. "You're excited! Right!" He was, but he wasn't so sure about Noel.

"Yeah. Kind of." He cleared his throat. He'd met up with Logan for lunch at the coffee shop. "I mean, I want to be. Its just..I'm really scared."

"Why?" Logan didn't get it. He was going to be an uncle. He walked along with his brother in the chill of the Autumn air. It was really fall now. Halloween was right around the corner.

"Oh, I dunno. How am I suppose to pay for all this? My hours got cut at the gym. I have no idea if we can even raise a kid in a studio apartment. And..and I've never been in anything..quite like this." Noel shrugged.

"Well, you can't upset, Randi. You can't. She's having your baby." Logan winced as if Noel better get happy and see this through.

"I have student teaching, I didn't even want to teach." Noel seemed upset about that. "Did you know she's only 18?" Noel look startled about that. "I'll be twenty-eight next month."

"So." Logan didn't get the age difference.

"I should really be farther along in my life." Noel acted as if this were some sort of 3-alarm fire.

"Yeah, well.." Logan shrugged trying to think of something that might make Noel feel better about the situation. "How about you guys move into the house?"

Noel rolled his eyes at that.

"I'm serious. We want to help. It wouldn't be that bad." Logan promised.

Noel nodded. They ordered their favorite chili dogs then, but Noel couldn't eat. Logan had a feeling his brother was going through morning sickness too, except it was in the afternoon.


Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see that Logan is being so supportive! :)

caitlin and megan said...

When I write about these characters..I start to think about the actors who play them too..Since Ariana really young, a lot younger than Nicholas D'agosto..who is so youthful and gets a lot of roles where he plays someone younger.

Sometimes, the actors even guide me in the storyline.

Natalie said...

@caitlin and meagan I never knew that, its a great way to think about it though, I think that Noel is just shell shocked in a way I feel bad for him, but it was his fault

ellie said...

It helps to have Logan so happy. Hopefully, Noel is going to get with this.

FWB said...

Hopefully, on board with everything.