Tuesday, October 25, 2011

on the hunt

Megan wasn't quite sure if Derrick was just sulking or plain sullen. Maybe a little of both. She went out to the pumpkin patch with him.

"Look, you knew it was coming." Even so, she knew break ups were no fun. "I didn't think you and Sammi were..that close."

"Well, it was suppose to work this time." He squinted as they loaded up for the hayride out at the berry farm where everyone went to the pumpkin patch.

"You were just gonna hang in there ..until it did." Megan sighed as they found a place to sit. No way was Derrick going to be stranded with the five year olds who were hopping in with their parents. He put his arm around Megan, who wondered if she should mind. She didn't.

"Precisely." He shrugged as he looked around the vast fields they were going into, to find pumpkins.

"You just don't know when to quit, do you?" Megan thought of Caitlin and how that went. Of course, she didn't tell Caitlin about this little excursion. She was sure Caitlin would still bad mouth him. And Megan wouldn't want to hear it. She knew a different Derrick.

"Obviously, not." He seemed indifferent when he spoke of Sammi.

"So..you think she'll come back to you?" Megan looked up at him.

"Not like I'm waiting for it to happen." He didn't really smile, but she understood he needed to do something instead of waiting for Sammi to make up her mind.

"You know, she has to kiss a lot frogs or pumpkins ..or what ever, before she finds her prince." Megan almost grinned.

"Have you kissed many frogs, lately?" He wanted to know.

"No, I'm hoping to have better luck with pumpkins." She grinned more as the wagon came to a hault. It was time for them to find a magical pumpkin. They piled out and went on their way like a huge Easter Hunt.

"Don't get anything too big, or we can't lug it to the car." She informed him as he was kicking a big pumpkin. They walked farther and saw all the shapes and sizes. Some were huge, others slender, but not many tiny ones.

"Why are we doing this again?" He squinted.

"Well, first we have to remove the brains. Roast the seeds with a little red pepper and garlic powder. Then we make a jack-o-lantern." She explained.

He bent down and touched one that was on the small side. "How's this?"

"Perfect." Megan held it up, gave the pumpkin a kiss.

"Sure, let the pumpkin have its way with you, and I get nothing." He sounded so deprived. Megan almost winked at him. She carried the pumpkin back to the wagon.

"What's next?" Derrick took the pumpkin from her as they sat down. It was a quick outing for the pumpkin.

"There's the wiener roast and then the haunted house." Megan got out the brochure from her purse.

"Oh goodie." Derrick smirked. "Really, though..thanks for letting me come with you." He was sincere enough. Megan took his hand. She didn't want to think how lonely she'd be if he wasn't here.


ellie said...

Derrick is something! But I like him best around Megan.

ivy's closet said...

What a fun outing!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Congratulations Meg! You're the winner of the From Cafe Fashionista with Love Giveaway! Stop by Cafe Fashionista to find out how to claim your prize! :)

mazzy may said...

They are cute together.

She is Sara said...

I think they are good for each other :)