Thursday, October 13, 2011

pushing in the right direction

"Do you think he's OK, in there?" Alex tried his best to speak softly. He was just across the hall in Megan's doorway. Alex checked his watch, it was going on midnight. Logan went to see Sammi at three in the afternoon.

"They're just watching TV." Megan laughed, told him he could come in and read over an essay she was writing for a preschool class she was taking.

Alex, nodded. He knew what Logan was up to with Sammi. He'd gotten Logan's text hours ago. Alex was trying not to be pest so he went to look at Megan's work on her laptop.

"I had no idea, you were going to be a school teacher." He was impressed.

"Well, I'm sort of looking into teaching overseas. If I do." She told him. She was in her pink lounge pants and even pinker tank, but she wore a gray shrug to keep her arms warm.

"Sounds like a good plan." He smiled, as if he wouldn't mind teaching overseas too. "Heard anymore from Dung?"

"He's so busy." Megan yawned. Alex got up. He knew she tired. He was too.

"You know, what would be weird?" Alex looked back at Megan as he was leaving.

"How weird?" Megan squinted a laugh.

"If it got all mixed up. Like, you with Derrick. Sammi with Dung." Alex was thinking out loud. No way was he's getting in the mix with Logan. They were OK. No mixing required.

Megan shook her head, as if that were a crazy idea.


Cafe Fashionista said...

The possibilities... :/

ellie said...

I like Alex's idea.

She is Sara said...

Oh wow, is this going to happen?

deeps said...

thats a good plan....

Josie said...

Oh, I hope things work out!
xo Josie