Sunday, October 23, 2011

Q & A

Noel knew he was cutting it close. As it was, Logan and Alex were worried about Halloween. He was more worried about his student teaching. But they got all his stuff packed up in one big sweep, and it was off to the house.

"You have way too many shoes." Logan told Noel. Neither he nor Alex had that many shoes.

As it was, Noel was going to need more closet space than Randi. Noel had a lot of sports suits too. He had to look good at the gym. Now he wondered why. He barely got 15 hours a week there. He so needed a real job. A teaching job, in fact.

But the way it worked... usually, this meant subbing in public schools for ..lord knows how long..and then if he were lucky...

There were Catholic schools always looking for teachers. He'd already put his application in. He wasn't exactly certified. Practically. He'd taken his teacher's test. Mostly, everything was in line to make the next move. It just seemed so slow, these days.

They got the boxes unpacked in their room.

"Wow, we have a bed." He was pretty sure they'd need to one.

"We found it at Good Will." Randi told him. It was a queen size. The girls already had it made up in pink sheets.

"That's all you could find?" Noel knew he couldn't be choosey.

"No, I like pink." Randi said with a smile as she rolled all over it to show it was an amazing bed.

"Hmmm..the things I'm finding out about you." Noel shook his head.

"You two should definitely play the 20 questions or something." Logan gave Noel a pat on the back as he was about to leave.

"A game?" Randi looked at him as if she'd pester him until he gave in. Noel plopped himself next to her and pushed off his sneakers while he put his hands behind his head and watched her.

"What's the first question?" She wanted to know.

"Anything." He yawned hoping this would not last way into the night.

"Whats your side of the bed?" She started.

"I dunno. Right here, feels pretty good." He shrugged. Randi laid back and looked at the ceiling. "No, this just doesn't feel right." She told him she needed to be close to the door. "I might need to pee."

"Fair enough." They switched sides. "White meat or Dark meat?"

"Is this a chicken question?" She was in thought. Noel nodded. "Normally, I don't eat chicken. But if I did, it would be chicken nuggets."

"That's not real chicken." Noel winced hard. "Look, if you are gonna have my baby, you're gonna start eating real protein and low carbs."

She gave him a pout.

"Its good for you and the baby. No sugar, no potatoes, no rice and no bread." He told her.

"But what about my corndogs?" She set up on her elbows then. "I cannot live without corndogs." She protested.

"Oh yeah, no corn..either." He nodded. How could he have forgot? This was a diet for champions. Noel was certain.


Florence said...

LOL red meat or white meat , classic!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Looks like he's becoming the food police. :P

ellie said...

Noel better be careful. This is really Randi's time.

ivy's closet said...

Noel..that's a no no...

lucy and sarah said...

Oh my goodness..this won't end good.

She is Sara said...

lol. oh geez, poor Randi.

Josie said...

Awkward. This cannot end well.
xo Josie

FWB said...

Noel better be quite.

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