Sunday, November 6, 2011

before the cows come home

Sammi thought for sure she'd pull the plug on having any sort of doing with Lyle. After all, she didn't like what he said after she introduced him to Alex and Logan at the zoo. Of course, those two weren't around when he said it.

"They're gay." Just two little words. Well, that would do it. She glared at him. Her arms crossed.

"And?" She wanted an answer, giving him a stare down.

"Um, I don't know any gay people." He bit his bottom  lip. "Sorry. It was just, you know, unexpected, that..that they'd be your friends." He squinted then as they wondered around the zoo that night.

"Seriously?" She swelled a frown. She doubted him.

"I'm not joking." He was doing his best to make light of it. "I'm sorry-"

"I live with them." She was blunt, possibly enjoying, watching  him squirm.

"Really?" Lyle nodded as if he should really stop asking questions. "That's..that's great."

"You have a problem with that?" She wasn't letting up.

"Not a problem." He gritted a smile.

Sammi shook her head. Why did she like him? He was kind of corny and not at all her type. Not at all. But she'd spent a good four or so hours with him.

Lyle liked to write jokes.

"Then tell me one?" She'd asked earlier.

"Can't." He grinned. "I'm awful at telling jokes." He explained he wanted to write jokes for standup comedians, but he was not a standup comedian. By the end of the night, she learned that Lyle, who was from a pig farm, was a janitor.

"Is that going to be problem?" He wanted to know by the end of the evening when he walked her to the door, and Sammi realized she was home alone.

"Of course, not." Even if she would like to know what a real rocket scientist looked like. It was not Lyle. She asked him to come in.

"No, that just wouldn't be right." Yeap, he was a good old country boy. He'd sit with her on the porch until the rest got home.

He was truly a strange one, yet she couldn't get enough of his smile. They sat huddled together. He told her stories about a pig he used to know that like to get in through the backdoor and eat what he could off the dining room table.

"I swear that pig would have smoked cigarettes if he could have lit one." Lyle's smile was genuine. She laughed softly thinking of a floppy earred hog smoking a cigarette. Sammi leaned against Lyle. For the first time, she felt so comfortable around someone. What was it about him that she liked so much? Maybe she wasn't suppose to know.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm so happy for Sammi! :)

ellie said...

I'm glad she's happy with him. That's putting him to the test, soon..with Alex and Logan.

She is Sara said...

It is good to see her happy for once!

Josie said...

I love seeing Sammi happy!
xo Josie

ivy's closet said...

Sweet time. I'm glad she's smitten.

lucy and sarah said...

How cute. I think its pretty darn adorable.