Wednesday, November 16, 2011

getting into the schedule of it

Megan felt as if she were in limbo of some sort. Of course, Caitlin wasn't much help with the Derrick situation.

Maybe she was put off with Derrick. Perhaps Caitlin was right. She just needed to have fun.  Of course, she knew it wouldn't be automatic with Dung, but they had dinner. Once again, at the nearby Garden cafe.

"And how are the holidays shaping up?" She sounded as if she might talk him into something. But she knew she couldn't. He was as reserved as he ever was.

"I don't really do holidays." Well, that took care of that conversation.

"Oh." Megan didn't order anything fancy to eat. Megan wanted to know so much about him, but what was the point. And she was certain it would be the wrong question. So they sat through a very bland meal.

"You seem like the type, who's looking for a husband." Dung stung her with a sentence she never thought she'd hear coming out of his mouth.

Megan was pretty sure she made a face when he said it. No. This evening was ending quickly. And of course, as soon as she got home, there was Derrick waiting.

"What happened?" He wanted to know.

"Nothing." She felt as if she had a certain illness that was terminal now.

"Oh, yes it did." Derrick was ever so clever as they sat in the livingroom in front of a dark TV, that had been dark ever since they stopped paying for cable.

"Why do you care?" She could be mad at him too. He was oh so hot then cold and all Mr. I'll never do this again. Even though they had slept together. But it was more like being in bed with a huge log that roared when he snored. Not exactly sex.

"Because..I..I have to." He was all smug, hugging himself, but looking at her all concerned.

"Dung thinks I'm looking for a husband." Megan finally let slip.

"That's the funniest thing, I've ever heard." Derrick cracked up. Megan wanted to laugh. She really did, but she was hurt.

"Really, what I want someone I can spend the holidays with." She got a little teary eyed. She knew it wouldn't be with her parents, and she really didn't want to go all alone to her grandmother's.

"What do you want me to do?" He took her hand.

"You couldn't." She shook her head, no. "You don't even celebrate Christmas."

"Sure I do." He told her. "I celebrate all the holidays as long as presents are involved."

"You would." She sighed.

"But then you might have to come to my parents house." He shrugged.

"Would I want to do that?" She squinted.

"Maybe. Do you like long train rides?" Derrick asked.

Megan looked at him as she bit the corner of her bottom lip.

"Remember, we're just friends." He almost winked.

Megan nodded, but she wasn't sure she completely believed him.


Josie said...

She's definitely right to be doubtful!
xo Josie

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad their friends. Maybe they are on the right path.

Cafe Fashionista said...

The two of them are so adorable! :)

ivy's closet said...

Sweet, I'm glad they are going to spend the holidays together.

ellie said...

I think he likes her..more than he's telling.

J said...

haha yeah def sounds like romance blossoming

Cait said...

I think they can work it out.

Holly said...

Derrick is something!

ivy said...

They really are good together.