Thursday, November 24, 2011

the hostess with the mostess

Caitlin was glad to have Alex's help with the dinner, which meant him roping Logan and Zeke to do things too. He was very organzied in these sort of situations. This gave plenty of alone time for Noel and Randi to be with the guest of honor. Logan and Noel's mother.

Of course, Randi was oh so quiet during the visit.

"You have to say something." Caitlin cornered her before the main course started.

"Like what? I can't think of anything." Randi winced.

"Are you feeling OK?" Caitlin wanted to know then.

"I think I'm gassy." Randi gritted. "I just want to be alone, you know. Even though, I know I'm not really alone. Its just its all so weird. Kind of like an out of body experiences, except, I'm still in my body." She sighed.

"Just tell her you're happy she's here." Caitlin suggested. Although, she was sure if her parents were here, she'd be gruff with them. It was hard for her to be nice to her own parents.

Randi nodded then as if she'd go straight to Noel's mother with the statement.

Just then the doorbell rang. She opened the door.

"Surprise!" It was her own parents. Caitlin gulped.

"What? Why didn't you call." She winced as if this couldn't be happening now.

"Well, it wouldn't be a surprise now would it?" Her mother told her as she kissed her cheek. They'd brought pies and all the fixing. Caitlin couldn't believe it.

Of course, she wanted to fuss, instantly, that she knew how to cook, but Zeke gave her a glare that this was not the time to be moody.

Caitlin gritted a smile. She would try to take her own advice.

"Well, its..its nice to see you." It was so hard to say those simple words. Her father hugged her before she had a chance to swell in tears.

"Its great to see you guys." Zeke said their was plenty of room even upstairs so they could stay the night.

She looked at him wondering if this was his idea. But she kept smiling. After all, she was in charge of dinner.


Unlucky said...

How does one makes blog site look this awesome!

From everything is canvas

ellie said...

Its good to have family home for the holidays.

lucy and sarah said...

I think its time for her to embrace her parents.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Family always make the holidays special! :)