Tuesday, November 22, 2011

something quite different

"Yes, why didn't you say something sooner." Smed was all smiles about going to Natalie's for the day. They'd drive home that night. It wasn't so far away.

Immediately, he got the car gassed and ready to go. They were going to her parents. He wasn't that nervous which bothered him that he wasn't.

"I think you should let me drive." Natalie said as he got ready to go.

"Oh." He was afraid to ask why.

"Its just, I know where to go." She told him. "It would be easier."

"Are you sure its not my driving?" He looked at her a bit puzzled about all this.

"No, of course, not." She smiled ever so calmly.

This was a first. He was the driver. Or so he thought. Natalie never asked to drive before, but he couldn't say no. So she took the helm out into the wild blue yonder.

Smed had never seen this side of her. He guessed. But he liked it. He did. It was true, she was very independent in a certain way. So different from Megan, who thought she was so independent when she really wasn't.

Soon enough, they were at her parents, just two hours away. He could see Natalie in both of them. They were kind and generous. He met a few of Natalie's little cousins and even her Italian great-grandmother who kept asking who he was and was he going to marry Natalie.

"Well..." He felt he was on the hot seat.

"Not today Gram." Natalie shouted so she could hear.

"TODAY!" Her grandmother shouted back. Natalie laughed softly so did Smed.

The little revelation finally hit Smed. Natalie would never move in with him. He'd have to marry her before that happened.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Then marry they should! :)

ivy's closet said...

Sometimes, it only takes one to change someone's life.

lucy and sarah said...

I like Natalie's independents.

ellie said...

Things are looking good for them.

J said...

haha family will always put you on the spot like that esp gmas!