Wednesday, November 30, 2011

somewhere in the light

"Did you hear something?" Alex just couldn't get comfortable enough in bed. He supposed it was the thought of that nude painting still on his mind. Thank God, Logan's Mom hadn't wanted to go to that part of of the Student Union Building.

Just how long had it been there? Alex was beginning to wonder. Logan hadn't even noticed it. Maybe he wouldn't. Maybe. But he was hearing noises now. He sneaked up the back stairway and Logan followed. Naturally, he'd told him already how the local grocery story was robbed with a BB gunman. Who knew what might happen here? Lots of freaky stuff was going on.

Alex had to shush him if they were going to investigate this properly. Alex knew immediately what was going on. Those were sounds of love making, or they were trying out sounds for a new punk band.

"You don't think he's hurting her, do you?" Logan eye-balled Sammi's door as if he'd break in, if he had too.

"More like her hurting him." Alex sighed with a whisper. He took Logan's hand and told him they'd better get out of here before they noticed.

"I doubt they'd notice." Logan said once they were down in the kitchen looking in the fridge for food. Obviously, Thanksgiving leftovers were not enough. "So do you think Lyle's a virgin?"

"Quite possibly." Was Alex's guess. "Maybe that's what Sammi likes about him." He went to pour himself some milk and grabbed a slice of pecan pie.

Logan sat down at the kitchen table with him. He grabbed a brownie and some milk. They were in PJs. It was odd they'd be here at this hour in the middle of the night. There were much better things to do.

"Are you sure, there isn't anything troubling you?" Logan said after awhile. "Is it because your Dad wouldn't take your phone call, yesterday?"

"Not really." Alex shrugged as he ate the last bite of his slice of gooey pecan pie, yet he was in heavy thought.

"My Mom really likes you, you know." Logan reminded him.

Alex sighed a bit of a smile.

"I don't know if I told you this, but I used to do some work, modeling, I guess. I mean, it wasn't too weird. Just for the art department." Alex didn't look at Logan. He stared intently at his empty milk glass.

"Like a nude model?" Logan kind of laughed as if it was funny.

"Yeah." Alex choked on a laugh.

"So why don't you, still do it?" Logan wanted to know.

"I dunno." Alex gritted then. He was quiet then as he pushed his fingers through his shaggy bangs.

"I think you do, and I'm pretty sure you'll feel better if you tell me what's going on. You know, you can."

Alex knew he could, but still it hurt to even let it surface. He really didn't want to have to talk about it.


Josie said...

Oh, gosh. He has to talk about it but I'm sure it's so hard.
xo Josie

Cafe Fashionista said...

He should wait until he's ready to talk about it all. :/

ellie said...

Alex is always so happy..sad to see him this way.

Sara said...

I think that it is good that he is bringing it up. It might be hard to talk about, but he might want to later.