Sunday, November 20, 2011

why not

"I'm going to met Noel's Mom."  Randi looked at Natalie as if she needed to be there for the occasion. "She'll have to watch me eat Thanksgiving dinner and everything."

"Well, its not like you're a pig, you know, when you eat." Natalie wasn't sure why this bother Randi at the moment. But they'd sneaked away for a slice of pie at Natalie's favorite diner. It was sort of their one pre-Thanksgiving feast.

"I'm more like a little hippo." Randi gave Natalie a glare as is she knew very well who was getting fat around here, and it wasn't Natalie. "Noel will be the one counting my carbs. God, why doesn't he just become a nutritionist and forget this teacher stuff."

"He's not that bad is he?" Natalie wondered if it was really OK, with Randi and Noel.

"He can be, when he wants to be." But it didn't stop Randi from eating the chocolate cream pie.

"I was thinking of going home for Thanksgiving. But its too late to ask Smed. Even though, I know my parents really want to meet him." Natalie picked at her cherry pie. She finally managed a bite.

"He'd go with you. I don't know why, you are hesitating." Randi told her.

"I know, its just, I did meet his brother and his wife. I don't want him to feel weird, that he has to go." Natalie shrugged.

"What are you talking about? You guys are so cute. He's so agreeable and he's like the sweetest guy you've ever dated." Randi informed her.

Natalie smiled. She was right. Why did she think he wouldn't want to go. She sipped her coffee. Maybe she'd text him about it. No, she'd ask him in person. After all, her parents only lived an hour away.

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Josie said...

I wish she'd ask him!
xo Josie