Friday, December 2, 2011

bitter chill

Megan woke up and saw it was snowing. It was December, after all. Still there was something dreadful about it. She didn't like her mood. Suddenly.

Thanksgiving was all right. She guessed. She'd driven to her grandmother's with Derrick. It was a bit awkward. Derrick slept on the couch. He kept telling her grandmother, over and over that he was just Megan's friend. Which, she guessed was true.

"Perhaps, he's more like a brother to you." Her grandmother told her on their visit.

Megan didn't much like the idea of that. However, they argued a good bit, from over the price of gas to the shortest way home. By the time they got home, they weren't on speaking terms. There was a moment she wanted to kick him in  the shins. Perhaps they weren't even friends now.

Yet the more she thought of him, she couldn't seem to get ready for class, eat or anything else. Not until she called him.

"Are you still mad at me?" She said first thing, thinking she shouldn't have asked him. She shouldn't care.

"Why would you say that?" There he went, answering with a question.

"I hate these games with you." She finally admitted as she stood there by the window in her pj's watching it snow. It was all so frosty, but she couldn't be sure if it were just his heart or her heart that was so cold.

"What? What are you talking about?" His voice cracked as if none of this was his fault.

"You know, very well what I'm talking about?" They could be so good to each other and then so cross. It didn't make sense. "What am I doing wrong?"

"Nothing." His tone was so bitter. "Stop asking questions like that? I mean, you know, are you going to be like that..when..when.."

"When? What?" She winced.

"God..when we get married, what do you think?" His words burned her ears. She said nothing. She thought he was talking about sex. Actually.

"Yes, you heard me, Meg." He sounded as if he was on drugs now. Something that was definitely not love. She thought she might pass out. Megan held on to her phone and fell right back into bed. "I'm trying to fight it. I really am. And..and..I don't want it to be just..just some one night stand with you. You know that. You know me. You do." He sighed then. "I want to ask you to marry me, but..but I know you'll say NO."

" do you know that?" She could barely breathe. Why did he expect the worst?

"I'm coming over." He then announced. "Don't go anywhere."

Megan nodded, held on to her cell. She guessed she wasn't going anywhere today.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Wow! What an incredible turn of events! :)

ellie said...

That was a shocker.

ivy's closet said...

Talk about a change in the weather!

lucy and sarah said...

Wow...just wow!