Thursday, December 8, 2011

how do you know

Lyle couldn't believe his luck. Yet at the moment, he was beginning to feel a little trapped. There was snow on his truck and he was still with Sami.

How was he suppose to make an exit? Well, he hadn't thought about it for a while. He did, but she made him forget quite easily. Yes, even now he smiled when he thought of her touch. Her sweet lips.

Although, he was practically starving and there was the bathroom thing.

Honestly, he'd never been in a situation quite like this. He was the guy who watched from the sidelines. He didn't go to parties. He wasn't the quarterback in high school. He wasn't even in jazz band. He'd been a waterboy the first two years of high school, but he wised up. Lyle imagined all the things the real players said about him behind his back. Or the fact they never thought of him at all.

There was always farming, and when Dad got sick he did what he was told. Right now, this was a vacation. And he had no idea what he'd said to make Sami so happy. Nobody ever looked at him the way she did.

He was happy to know her, but he really needed to use the bathroom. He looked over at her. She was asleep next to him. This was his chance for his great escape. To do that bodily function he'd been putting off for the last half hour which seemed an eternity.

He slipped on his boxers as silently as he could. He got up.

"Where are you going?" She was not asleep, after all.

"Uh..umm.." He was not good at this part. He pointed to the door. "Bathroom." He finally managed.

She turned over. Lyle sighed. He guessed he'd have to come back and say goodbye. Really, he didn't know how these sleepovers worked.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such an awkward situation. :/

ellie said...

Poor Lyle. Just how he?

ivy's closet said...

Oh, Lyle, I hope he can handle Sami.

lucy and sarah said...

Kind of funny...made me smile.

Josie said...

So awkward. Poor kid.
xo Josie

Patrizia said...

awkward moment :D Poor Lyle :) Following you now :) Your story is pretty interesting!