Sunday, December 18, 2011

Its almost Christmas

Christmas was so close, and Logan didn't really think the finals had anything to do with Alex's mood. Honestly, he'd never seen him this way. So quiet and so sad.

Yes, he'd sneaked a peak of Alex's back side at the art gallery, and of course, he couldn't help but love it. But a part of him envied who ever painted it too. Obviously, at one time they'd been pretty important to Alex. And they'd ruined Christmas for him in the process too.

Logan didn't get into it, though. Their tests which went right on schedule. Now they were searching the isles of Target for the perfect gift for Megan and Derrick's wedding present. After all, Alex made scarves for everyone with his half double crochet stitch. Up until now, Logan thought that was knitting, but as thrifty as Alex was (who'd found a tub of yarn in various colors in the basement) he was beginning to think Alex needed to stay busy to get through the holidays.

"I dunno if we should even worry about Megan and Derrick." Logan shrugged. He didn't know what to do. He'd done well enough to get his Mom her favorite perfume and Alex the new electric shaver he could use in the shower.

"We have to show them we have faith in what they are doing," Alex said as he picked up strange gadgets for the kitchen.

"OK." Logan understood. He guessed. He went for the cool picture frames. "I hear Derrick got a job, overseas."

"Yeap, something in computer internet security something another." Alex mentioned.

"They're really leaving." Logan didn't want to think they'd upset the balance of things at home, but they were.

"But she's still going to take classes, online. She'll get her degree, one way or another." Alex sighed.

"Well, you will too." Logan reminded him.

"Yeah, just a whole lot slower than the average guy." Alex sounded sad about it. They finally picked up a picture frame with lots of frames. Logan knew he had pictures of all of them. Yes, that was the be together. To endure, everything, together. Logan smiled. He knew he'd learned this from Alex. Thankfully, Alex wasn't with that person who'd given him a miserable Christmas, once upon a time.


Cafe Fashionista said...

They'll all achieve great success; they just need to believe! :)

ellie said...

Its good that Alex needs Logan, too.

FWB said...

I hope things go better for Alex.

Stephanie said...

What a lovely Christmas gift to get

Eternally yours,