Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a possible solution.

Caitlin felt a chill under her skin, already. Derrick was upstairs with Megan. It couldn't be good. It couldn't be. She gave Zeke the evil eye. His class was canceled due to the snow. So was hers. Everyone was home. Of course, they were the only two, not in bed. In the kitchen. Caitlin wanted to make cookies.

"What is it?" Zeke asked as he was getting the cookie sheets ready.

"Nothing." Her voice was cold, though.

"You're kind of scaring me." Zeke admitted.

"I have a funny feeling." Caitlin remained even lipped.

"Like how? Are you sick?" Zeke acted as if he could take over the cookie dough if she wanted.

"They're getting married." She just said as if she were psychic.

"How do you know?" Zeke scowled as he went to find the brown sugar in the cupboard.

"Just a hunch." She bit her bottom lip. She was so trying not to react, but honestly, she knew this had to be the worst decision Megan ever made in her life. Only, Caitlin knew she had to be behind her on this. She couldn't dare tell her it wouldn't work. She had to be closer to her friend now. Just in case. Just in case the whole thing fell through. Caitlin knew Megan would need her more.

Caitlin needed to prepare herself for the worse. Meanwhile, she needed to hone in on her acting skills and be as happy as she could be for her friend, even if she hated the idea of Megan and Derrick together.

Zeke went on with the cookie dough. Caitlin hugged herself. What in the world did Derrick do to Megan.

"You don't think they are doing this out of spite, do you?" Caitlin said out of the blue.

"Out of what spite?" Zeke was clueless.

"They are marrying each other's exes." Caitlin told him. Zeke looked at her as if that was the hardest math problem he'd ever heard. As if there was no real answer to that problem.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such an incredibly strange situation! :/

ellie said...

Oh, I think Caitlin's learned her lesson from Megan before. I think she'll be there for her.

Stephanie said...

wow, an interesting situation they are in

Josie said...

Oh, boy. I hope that Caitlin can be there for Megan.
xo Josie