Friday, December 30, 2011

suddenly, last year

Megan couldn't believe how warm it was. And the ocean, so true blue. She'd never seen anything like it. She hated to tell Derrick she'd never been to the beach before, but it was true.

Really, it was such a whirlwind. Seeing his parents. Then the cruise.  A wedding, so simple but wonderful.

Yes, it was a little bit of a squeeze, those tiny rooms to stay in. And the first night she did have a nightmare that they got stranded on the boat, and it became the Titanic.

Now she was OK. Perhaps it was just love or the thought they were married now. It was funny to think it would be him. Derrick of all people. But she couldn't stop beaming about it. Her new name was Megan Jacoby. How in the world was she ever going to remember that. Funny, she'd never thought to ask Derrick his last name.

Then there were thoughts of what it would be like when they got back. All the little details she'd tell Caitlin about. How the people were so lovely on the island. And how amazing the fruit tasted and how everyone practically went barefooted.

"But we're not coming back." Derrick reminded her as they gathered together to watch the fireworks start.

It was the first time it actually donned on Megan. This was it. She was with Derrick now. They'd go back to his parents for a week or two, just to get everything set for their flight overseas. She wasn't going back to her friends.

A part of her felt so immature at the idea of being away from home. Suddenly, she was heavy with emotion. But for what? Sure she loved Caitlin's brownies and she made the best cheese soup. She felt as if all the excitement from before was being zapped from her. But Derrick held her hand.

He smiled at her and she smiled at him, but she was just a little teary-eyed. She'd miss everyone. What about Paul? Paul?

She'd made plans so quick with everything. She'd forgot what to do about Paul, who went to see his Dad when winter break started.

"What is it?" Derrick looked at her as if she'd lost her engagement ring, but he looked at her wedding ring finger. She wore the engagement ring and wedding band proudly.

"I-I'll call tomorrow." She could wait. How could she have forgotten about her babysitting job?

The explosions started in the night sky. Really, she'd never seen such fireworks so bold and amazing. She would keep thinking..this was going to be amazing with Derrick. After all, they wouldn't be in the states much longer.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Trouble is a-brewing - or so it seems. :/

ellie said...

Well, that would be a forget about the people you were working for.

Mimi said...

totally agree with ellie! that's probably one of the worst things a person can forget. :/

p.s. happy new year! :)

<3, Mimi

molly said...

Oh..goodnes..what has Megan done!!