Friday, January 27, 2012

Are we seeing in color?

"'re the one who said you didn't want the Murphy bed." Derrick looked at Megan as she paced the beautiful wooden floor of their new place. It was just a studio. They were lucky to get it.

"We don't even have a bed."  She was measuring with her feet about how much room the bed would take.At least at the place where they could have lived had amazing amenities. A place for parties, pools and of course the beautiful gym. But it was practically a tin can. OK, it might have looked like a little palace, but they'd have to pull their bed out every night. It wasn't that spacious.

At least here, it looked big. The bathroom was good sized. A decent kitchen when you walked in. OK, it wasn't that huge. But there was enough light, and it was close to the places they'd love to go to for shows and food and everything else. He was only six blocks away from work.

Yet, there was no washer and dryer. Which was something New Yorkers evidently didn't worry about.

Still, Megan was thinking, they could possibly squeeze in a small unit in the bathroom, somehow. She hated the thought of going to the ground floor to do laundry. Of course, she looked so tired. But they had to be happy, there was a doorman and an elevator.

Also, they'd be saving money if they lived here. The down side, they were close the train tracks, and it looked kind of grim.

"But we're getting a bed." They'd ordered one online. Their first big purchase together. Except it was only a bed. Nothing fancy. A regular sized bed with box springs.

They had tried out the Murphy bed at the other place. For a  few minutes. Megan was sacred they might end up in some fix, with the bed closed in on them. He let her believe that because he really was happy she wasn't that amused with the other place. It would have taken a lot out of his paycheck. And deep down, he supposed his parents did raise him right. A part of him would always be a little cheap. Honestly, though, he thought they'd made the right decision with the apartment.

He hoped.

"Remember, we can't have a lot of stuff." He hugged her, kissing her nose.

"We don't have any stuff." Just the suit cases, they'd came with. Oh, how he wished they had a sleeping bag. Honestly, his legs were so  tired.

They bought pillows and some bedding. He supposed they'd just have a picnic in their room until the bed got here.


ellie said...

Wow, good for them. This is so alone for them now.

Cafe Fashionista said...

A picnic sounds like a wonderful idea! :)

lucy and sarah said...

This'll be interesting how they get along, on their own.

ivy's closet said...

What fun. I hope.

Ben and Molly said...

I'm excited for them.

W. said...

Love the banner!