Sunday, January 1, 2012

how hard could it be

"What! You didn't!" Caitlin's voice sounded so shocked and a bit dismayed.

Smed stood there in the kitchen with a cup of coffee, afraid to take a sip. She was on the phone with Megan.

"Well, Smed could do it." She said so automatic that it startled Smed.

He shook his head. Then grimaced.

"Its about Paul." Caitlin put her hand over the mouth piece. Megan called the house phone. Yes, they still had one, although, they'd said from time to time they wanted to get rid of it, but it was Sammi's Mom who was paying for it.

Smed made a face. He wouldn't know what to do.

"Talk to her, please." Caitlin looked at him as if he were the one in charge.

Smed rolled his eyes. He listened to Megan go on a few minutes about Paul and how she didn't mean to leave his Mom without any options. She said she was sorry over and over, but then he finally realized what this was all about. Megan wanted a good reference for her next job, whatever that maybe.

"I see." He finally said as if in her head, he'd have to take on Paul. That would be the best thing for everyone.

"But I have a job, already." He reminded her.

"God, Smed, can't you help me? Its Paul." Megan begged. He didn't want to listen to anymore.

"I'll see what I can do." He gave the phone back to Caitlin because he knew those two weren't finished. Of course, in the next breath he heard Caitlin tell her how there was no way she could babysit Paul.

Smed met Logan and Alex coming up from the basement with their laundry. He asked, but those two still had jobs at the zoo. It wasn't as many hours as the summer, but it was still enough.

"Great, you think Sammi would do it?" Smed shrugged.

Logan and Alex looked at each other, then gave Smed a laugh. "She's on planet Lyle, I don't think she knows anything else these days." Alex joked.

Smed couldn't think of anyone. And then he saw Alfie making himself a tall glass of chocolate milk.


ellie said...

Poor Smed. I'm sure he must have a love hate relationship with Megan.

Sara said...

Wow, I am glad they are trying to work things out. I hope Paul isn't too much of a handful.

lucy and sarah said...

I think he knows Megan too well.

ivy's closet said...

It could be a problem.

mazzy may said...

Oh..Megan..still needing Smed...=)

molly said...

Poor Paul.

Ben and Molly said...

Its a pity. Its a shame. What else can I say. I hope Smed can fix it.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see them attempting to work things out. :/

FWB said...

Somethings Smed still has to deal with.

Josie said...

Ooooh, poor Smed!
xo Josie