Thursday, January 19, 2012

in a fish bowl

Megan felt so sad to find out how Paul felt about her. She was thankful that Alfie called and she could chat with Paul.

On one hand, she felt better about Alfie being Paul's sitter which he preferred over Nanny.

"I am no Manny," he informed her. "But, we will be checking in on you from time to time. So you better behave yourself. No slacking." He promised there would be no random texting or Paul calling, unexpectedly. It would be something they'd do preferably at four in the afternoon on Mondays. Hopefully, they could keep up with that sort of weekly schedule.

Alfie sounded as if it were set in stone on his end. Evidently, he's won some big brownie points with Paul's Mom over this. She was actually happy with Alfie's wonderful nurturing qualities.

"I think he might just turn into a real boy yet." Evidently, his mom thought he read too much. Which Megan didn't get. It was his mother wanting him to be immersed in so many languages. She had doubts Alfie knew any French.

Yet a part of her envied Alfie. How did he get off being such a hit like that with Paul and his mother? Was he flirting with Paul's Mom or something? She was always the iron maiden with Megan. Suddenly, she'd gone so easy on Alfie..who they were calling Alf, by the way.

"Why don't you just call him Al?" She screamed after she got off the phone with Paul's Mom. Really, it was starting to frustrate Megan. Being with Derrick's parents and now this. When would things get better? Were they better? And she just didn't know it?


Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe she just needs top open up a bit more. :/

ellie said...

Things are never perfect. Sometimes, I think she expects everyone gets what they want, except her.

Holly said...

Why can't she think of other people..instead of herself..all the time.

Sara said...

I think she needs a break, she is going to snap!

Josie said...

She's so on the verge of breaking!
xo Josie